Los de Abajo

This, surely, is one of the more glorious moments in the history of clashes between global music styles. There's a stirring,… more »

Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali

Rizwan and Muazzam Mujahid Ali Khan are the torchbearers of a tradition that goes back over 700 years, the tradition of qawwali. Qawwali is… more »

Paban Das Baul

The Bauls are Bengal's mystical wandering minstrels, keepers of a carnivalesque rave culture that is more than five centuries old. An… more »


Though this may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Brazil's music scene, Daúde is a rare find: a Black woman in Brazil's eclectic… more »

S.E. Rogie

Sierra Leone
S.E Rogie was one of Sierra Leone's most enduring and popular recording artists. His inimitably warm and loving musical style, called Palm… more »

Pape and Cheikh

Pape and Cheikh are from Senegal where they grew up listening to their country's traditional music and to western singer-songwriters like… more »

Sam Mills

United Kingdom
SAM MILLS Sam Mills was born in London in 1963. He started playing guitar with 23 Skidoo in 1979 and continued until 1982. At that time… more »

Misty in Roots

Jamaica, United Kingdom
MISTY IN ROOTS 'ROOTS CONTROLLER' REJOICE! The return of Misty In Roots to the recording studio with 'Roots Controller' marks twelve… more »

Estrella Morente

The cantaora ESTRELLA MORENTE belongs to a true Flamenco dynasty. She was born in Las Gabias, province of Granada, to Andalusian legend… more »


Papua New Guinea
George Telek is from Papua New Guinea where he is a huge star with legions of fans. Telek's work traverses many musical styles; featuring… more »

Totó La Momposina y sus Tambores

Toto La Momposina is one of Colombia's leading voices. Backed by musicians who both make and play traditional instruments the group play… more »

Tenores di Bitti

Tenores di Bitti are Sardinia's celebrated masters of traditional "tenores" singing, a tradition that dates back over a thousand years. The… more »

Mari Boine

The Sami people, divided by the borders of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Russia are from a region so far north that it is often missing… more »


Sydney based choir Martenitsa was formed by Mara Kiek in late 1990 with the assistance of the Australia Council's Performing Arts Board.… more »

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble

In the early seventies Dmitri Pokrovsky was a student of conducting at Moscow's Gnessin Institute. Frustrated with the current musical… more »

Ananda Shankar

The Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal 'Walking On' CDRW83 The first thing to say about this music is that it wasn't made by a… more »

Djivan Gasparyan

DJIVAN GASPARYAN Djivan Gasparyan is unquestionably one of Armenia's greatest musicians, a living legend. He is the foremost virtuoso of… more »

Guo Brothers

China (Peoples Republic)
Music has always been a vital part of the Guo Brothers' lives. Their father was a well-known erhu player (Chinese two-stringed violin) and… more »

Jam Nation

Jam Nation was the product of one of the famous Real World recording weeks of the 1990's. These recording weeks were spontaneous gatherings… more »


Maryam Mursal, with her stunning voice, is the female star of Waaberi. More than any other Somali artist she is capable of blending musical… more »