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New 9Bach track released now

Llyn Du is the second track from the forthcoming 9Bach album Anian to be made available to download in advance of the album's release on 29 April.

Receive the track instantly if you pre-order the album. Also available as a one track download.

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Lisa Jen from 9Bach gives some insight into the song Llyn Du:

Imagine Cwm Idwal lake or Ogwen lake on a moonlit night. You might come across this deranged and damaged queen under the black shimmering ice cold water:

"I am the queen of the black lake, take me, lead me.
I am eternally impregnated and rejected, by the Beautiful one.
The wind embrace my thighs and the mist caress my breasts
My mind... my mind is... distorted... I am trapped... you trapped me
here... is this The Voice? Yes this is the voice... I hear you...
I embed my 'hiraeth' in your neck... you... you who left me here..."

It's based on the book 'One Moonlit Night' by Caradog Prichard… a novel that had a great affect on me when I was young and still remains my favourite ever Welsh novel.

A video for Llyn Du featuring Lisa filmed in the ice sculpted Cwm Idwal surrounded by some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in Eryri (Snowdonia) coming very soon.

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Joseph Arthur Live in London

Joseph Arthur announces a one-off gig at The Borderline in London on Sunday 17 April 2016 in advance of his next solo album, The Family, coming later this summer.

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The show is Joseph's first in the UK for over two years and The Family will be his first album for Real World Records since 2013's The Ballad of Boogie Christ, the album which saw him return to the label after an absence of some ten years.

Joseph is a renowned singer, songwriter, poet, and artist from Akron, Ohio, known for his solo material, and as a member of RNDM and Fistful of Mercy. His 20+ albums range from solo records to collaborations with a who's who of rock'n'roll, including Lou Reed, Dhani Harrison and Ben Harper of Fistful of Mercy, Peter Gabriel, T-Bone Burnett, and RNDM with Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament.

It's great to have him back.

Published 24th Mar 2016, 10:17am »

Society of Sound: March

The Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release for March is an early chance to hear the new album by 9Bach, entitled Anian.

Anian is a soulful, brooding record whose songs take a critical look at the world in which we live.

Anian: Welsh word meaning nature, the natural order, natural morality, the natural world, creation. What you are made of, your soul and bones, and how you connect with other people.

Music is made for crossing national borders. Written and sung in Welsh (Cymraeg), recorded in England, Anian is 9Bach's third album. Like 2014's
Tincian - it begins in North Wales but broadens out through Greek and Near Eastern influences into an emotional tour de force. But whilst Tincian commemorated stories from the past, Anian explores more contemporary themes.

Angry, sad, but most of all passionate at the state of the world, Anian taps into a universal language.

Anian was recorded in Real World Studios by Lisa Jên (vocals, piano), Martin Hoyland (guitars, hammer dulcimer), Ali Byworth (drums & percussion), Dan Swain (electric bass guitar & double bass), Esyllt Glyn Jones (harp, vocals), and Mirain Roberts (piano, vocals, hammer dulcimer). The loose blueprint was to develop the band's trade-mark stunning three part harmonies, and then to introduce instruments they hadn't used before, like hammer dulcimer and double bass.

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John Metcalfe Remix EP out now

Around the release of John Metcalfe's The Appearance of Colour album a number of remixes were commissioned for various tracks on the album.

These remixes can now be found in one place as part of the Remix EP which is released today, Friday 11 March.

The track listing is:

  • Sycamore (Etherwood Remix)

  • Kite (Red Snapper Remix)

  • Parsal (Grasscut Remix)

Buy the Remix EP now on iTunes

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John will embark on the UK tour in May 2016. Head over to his website to see dates and buy tickets

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The Gloaming album #1 in Ireland

After an amazing week that started with a sold out show at London's Union Chapel and went on to include five (equally sold out) storming shows at Dublin's National Concert Hall the new album by The Gloaming reached #1 in Ireland on Friday 4 March.

Photography: Rich Gilligan.

Many congratulations to Iarla, Thomas, Caoimhín, Martin & Dennis from everyone at Real World and thanks to everyone who bought the album and came to the shows. Amazing!

Published 7th Mar 2016, 10:02am »

New 9Bach album Anian announced

We're very happy to confirm that the new album by 9Bach entitled Anian will be released on Real World Records on 29 April 2016 on CD, LP and Download.

Anian is a soulful, brooding record whose songs take a critical look at the world in which we live. While Tincian - BBC Radio 2 Folk Award 2015 Winner of Best Album - commemorated stories from the past, Anian explores more contemporary themes.

As singer, composer and pianist Lisa Jên explains, the album comes from a desperate, anarchic place. "It marks where I'm at, whether it's my age, being a mother, or simply being much more exposed to social media where I'm faced with pictures and videos, images and words which I find difficult to cope with right now."

The eleven songs move from the rolling rhythms of Llyn Du to the piano settings of Ifan and Deryn, the layered voices of Brain and Si Hwi Hwi to the full band Near Eastern climax of Cyfaddefa. At the centre is always Lisa Jên's voice, and the instinctive way in which 9Bach work together. "The songs always start with the vocal melody," says Martin Hoyland. "Then it's my job to build the instrumentation and arrangements around that, and to compliment it as much as possible."

Anian is a Welsh word meaning nature, the natural order, natural morality, the natural world, creation. What you are made of, your soul and bones, and how you connect with other people.

The double CD package includes companion piece Yn dy lais / In your voice, where writers, actors, poets and singers - Peter Gabriel, Maxine Peake and Rhys Ifans among them - give their own interpretations of the songs as a way to convey the meaning to a non-Welsh speaking audience.

Pre-order Anian now:

Real World | iTunes* | Amazon

* Pre-order on iTunes and receive the track Anian as a download immediately.

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The Gloaming 2 released today

The new album from The Gloaming is released today!

Recorded at Real World Studios in December 2015 the new album was produced by Thomas Bartlett from the group and engineered and mixed by Patrick Dillett.

"The music has its arms wide open, willing to give something beautiful, something fundamentally powerful and true. It's not afraid and it's not smug and knowing. We're on an adventure. We don't know where we're going, and beautiful things are born of that." Caoimhín Ó Roghallaigh.

The album's 12 tracks are a mixture of original compositions by the group and new arrangements of traditional material. The track listing is:

01. The Pilgrim's Song
02. Fáinleog (Wanderer)
03. The Hare
04. Oisín's Song
05. The Booley House
06. Repeal the Union
07. Casadh an tSúgáin
08. The Rolling Wave
09. Cucanandy
10. Mrs Dwyer
11. Slán le Máighe
12. The Old Favourite

"We play with no mission other than to experience the music with as much feeling as possible… the meaning, feeling and content of the melody take preference over note-perfect playing." Martin Hayes

The new album is available to buy now on CD and download.
The 2LP vinyl edition is available to pre-order and will be released in May. If you order from the Real World Shop you will receive a download on the audio in advance of the vinyl release.

Real World | iTunes | Amazon

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Sidestepper & GRIT for WOMAD

Great news! It has been announced today that both Sidestepper and The Grit Orchestra will perform at WOMAD Charlton Park this summer joining George Clinton, Baaba Maal and Ibrahim Maalouf in the first wave of acts to be announced for the festival.

The Colombian trailblazers Sidestepper will be playing tracks from their critically acclaimed new album Supernatural Love. A little bit of sunshine is therefore assured at this year's festival knowing that Sidestepper will be playing.

Also confirmed is The Grit Orchestra, who will reprise their performance from 2015's Celtic Connections opening ceremony and features a hand-picked orchestra of folk, jazz and classical players performing Martyn Bennett's GRIT.

The performance won Event of the Year at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards 2015.

WOMAD Charlton Park takes place over the weekend 28-31 July.

Looking forward to it already!

Published 25th Feb 2016, 10:10am »

Society of Sound: February

Photography: Rich Gilligan.

The Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release for February is a very special preview of the new album by Iarla Ó Lionáird, Martin Hayes, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Dennis Cahill and Thomas Bartlett, collectively known as The Gloaming. Their new album The Gloaming 2 is available now on Society of Sound, one week in advance of the full commercial release on Real World Records.

You may think you know Irish music, but think again. The Gloaming have re-defined the music of Ireland, moving it in thrilling new directions. Steeped in tradition yet thoroughly modern, these extraordinary musicians instinctively respect their ancient roots whilst being bravely contemporary.

"The Gloaming. It's a particular quality of light, the transition between night and day. It's my favourite colour in the evening. And the music connects. It's not dark, not bright, not happy, not sad… yet it's on the cusp of all those things." says Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh.

The album, recorded at Real World Studios in December 2015, was produced by Thomas Bartlett and engineered and mixed by Patrick Dillett.

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Spiro nominated for Folk Award

Photography: York Tillyer.

We're absolutely delighted to see the wonderful Spiro nominated for a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award this year.

The band are nominated in the category of Best Original Track for their track The Vapourer which features on their most recent album Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow.

Rather unbelievably it is the first time that the band have been nominated for a Folk Award, so we're even more pleased that it has finally happened this year.

The awards take place at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 27 April.

Published 11th Feb 2016, 12:24pm »

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