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Martyn Bennett's "Grit" out in the UK today


outstanding photograph by BJ Stewart’

The reissue of Martyn Bennett’s “Grit” is released in the UK today!

Grit featured on the front page of the Arts section in The Herald (Scotland) over the weekend -  read the feature over on their website now.

Grit is available via:

Amazon / Real World

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9Bach "Tincian" released in the UK today

The new album from 9Bach is out in the UK today (US tomorrow).

Tincian is 9Bach’s second album. It’s an atmospheric, emotional record that reflects their home environment of Gerlan, North Wales. 

9Bach’s appeal is centered on singer Lisa Jen, whose cool exquisite vocals dominate the album.
The Guardian

Anyone who has gently come down to the strains of Massive Attack, Air or Portishead will engage with the vibe on offer here” 
Essential New Releases - Sunday Times Culture 

 “Tincian is a captiviating original.“
Uncut Magazine

 “Lisa Jen has a voice of mountain-brook purity.”

 “An ambiguous mood piece from fragments of traditional Welsh music & contemporary tension.“
Drowned in Sound

Tincian is available via:  iTunes / Amazon / Real World

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Listen to Gravenhurst's remix of 9Bach's Lliwiau


Bristol based multi-instrumentalist and Warp signee Gravenhurst has put his own twist in his remix of ‘Lliwiau’.

The collaboration sees old friends reunite, as 9Bach’s Martin Hoyland was one-time Gravenhurst tour manager circa 2007, as Talbot has told tQ: “…and a very fine tour manager he was. I saw his band a few years later in Bristol and was mightily impressed; the final song of their set ('Lliwiau’) went off in what I am reluctant to describe - due to the danger of sounding generic or tokenistic - as a Portishead-esque direction; featuring mainly Lisa’s reverbed vocals against a threateningly minimal tapestry of insistent dubby bass riff, Ennio Morricone guitar and a drum rhythm that sounded like it had already been remixed by Lee Perry anyway.”

Listen to the track via The Quietus

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Tell Us Your Favourite Real World Track


This year Real World Records celebrates its 25th birthday. We’re really keen to know what music you have enjoyed from the Real World catalogue since we launched the label in 1989. 

We are creating a special triple CD set, featuring some of the music we’ve loved from the wonderful musicians we’ve come to work with over the years. We’d like you to be involved too and help choose the tracks to be included on one of the compilation CDs in the box. Submit your track choice and we will put your name into a draw and you’ll have the chance to win a pair of outstanding Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones - as well as the anniversary CD box set you will have helped to create.

Please submit your suggestion before midday (BST) on Monday 5 May 2014. 

Browse our catalogue & listen to track samples

Submit your track choice

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Stream The Gloaming live at The Albert Hall tonight

The Gloaming will be performing tonight alongside Paul Brady, Glen Hansard & Imelda May at the Royal Albert, as part of President Higgins’ State Visit to Britain.  

This special evening of Celebration (“Ceiliúradh”) will be streamed live via RTÉ Radio 1 Player to audiences around the world. In addition, RTÉ 1 will present a two-hour programme on the concert from 22.15 and the BBC will present an hour long highlights programme, “Ultimate Irish Music at the Royal Albert Hall: A Presidential Celebration” on BBC 4 at 20:00 on Sunday, 13th of April.

Discover more about the event

Listen to RTE Radio 1 live

View more programme information on RTE 1

More info on “Ultimate Irish Music at the Royal Albert Hall: A Presidential Celebration” on BBC4

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Samuel Yirga on BBC Radio 4's "Swinging Addis"

Samuel Yirga recently appeared on “Swinging Addis” on BBC Radio 4 which is now available to listen to on BBC iPlayer

The program introduces some of the veterans of the ‘Swinging Addis’ golden age of Ethiopian jazz, including Mahmoud Ahmed and Alemayehu Eshete - the 'Ethiopian Elvis’. These Ethiopian heroes, now in their 70s, are like the Buena Vista Social Club stars of their country. Courtney speaks to the legendary Ethiopian music producer Amha Eshete, while his guide on his musical journey of discovery is Francis Falceto, the French music producer who 'rediscovered’ these artists and brought their music to the west, and has now compiled 30 albums in the Ethiopiques series. Courtney finds Addis Ababa is still swinging, and meets one of the new generation of Ethiopian jazz musicians who are picking up the beat, the young pianist Samuel Yirga, to jam Ethiopian style.

Listen on BBC iPlayer now

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The Gloaming to perform at the Royal Albert Hall on April 10 for a special celebration honoring the first state visit of the President of Ireland

On the historic occasion of the first State Visit by the President of Ireland to the United Kingdom, President Michael D. Higgins will be guest of honour at this special evening of music, spoken word and dance at the Royal Albert Hall.

In the presence of the President of Ireland, some of Ireland’s finest musicians, singers, actors, authors and poets will feature in this unique evening, sharing and celebrating the strength and range of collaboration and creativity between Ireland and the United Kingdom and the contribution of the Irish community in Britain.

Special guests confirmed for Ceiliúradh (Celebration) include The Gloaming.

Also appearing will be Paul Brady, Glen Hansard and Imelda May alongside the renowned actress Fiona Shaw as well as journalists/broadcasters Dermot O'Leary, Olivia O'Leary and author Joseph O'Connor. This special concert will also feature some surprise guests on the night.

Buy tickets now

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9Bach's 'Lliwiau' released today


The first track from the forthcoming 9Bach album Tincian is called Lliwiau and is available to download on iTunes from today.

If you buy Lliwiau first and then decide to get the album Tincian the price you pay for Lliwiau will be taken off the album price with Complete My Album.

However, if you have already pre-ordered the album Tincian on iTunes but can’t wait to own Lliwiau?, then don’t worry as the same thing happens. The price you now pay for Lliwiau will be reduced from the cost of your album on release date.

Download Lliwiau from iTunes

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The Gloaming: Caoimhin's Hardanger fiddle

The Gloaming’s five musicians are all remarkable players who lend their individual sounds and styles into the mix. Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh adds the tougher, maverick edge with the unexpected drone effects and textures of the Hardanger D'Amore. He explains how he came to play this unusual instrument:

“I play a stunning 10-string instrument made by Norwegian luthier Salve Håkedal. The top five bowed gut strings plus the five sympathetic strings below give the fiddle a wonderful resonant sound. It is somewhere between a hardanger fiddle and a viola d'amore. While Salve calls this instrument a 5+5, and Dan Trueman (for whom the first one was made) calls his a 5x5, I’ve decided mine likes being called a Hardanger d'Amore.

I use baroque and transitional bows made by a wonderful French bowmaker named Michel Jamonneau. His bows are things of great beauty, and for me they are like paintbrushes for sound. They are the perfect match for the Hardanger d'Amore, and together they teach me something every time I pick them up, expanding what is thinkable and possible.”  Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh

Q&A with Caoimhin via The Mouth Magazine


Buy The Gloaming’s debut album

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9Bach's new album out 12th May


Tincian is 9Bach’s second album. It’s an atmospheric, emotional record that reflects their home environment of Gerlan, North Wales. 

The songs on the album are all stories: some of them autobiographical, some are other people’s true stories and others imaginary. There are stories of the quarry men, of strong and brave women, of lost children, of foxes feasting near blood stained streams in areas of natural beauty, of forgotten derelict houses, of nature, of slate, of red dust, of family and of ‘cariad’ which means love. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes anger, a harshness that rings a heavy sound. But there is also a beauty and serenity, a light and gentle sound that resonates much further - Tincian.

Discover more about Tincian

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