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Introducing JuJu...

Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara have reinvented their unique collaboration (released as 'Tell No Lies') and taken their visceral electric fusion of Europe and Africa to a whole new territory called JuJu. Along with drummer Dave Smith and bass player Billy Fuller they have channelled the raw driving psychedelic energy of their live gigs back to the studio, and produced the album 'In Trance'. Due for release on June 13, you can now watch the first recording session. This is the track 'Djanfa Moja' played fast and live at Real World's Wooden Studio in February this year.

"We just came together, plugged in and played," says Justin Adams "We played it exactly as we play it live. It was a bit like controlling a runaway horse that is completely spooked!"

JuJu's London launch of their new album 'In Trance' is on the 17th May at the Bowery London.

Published 4th May 2011, 6:15pm »

The three-piece Portico Quartet introduced their new electronic sound at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival earlier this week

When Portico Quartet took the stage on Bank Holiday Monday, the outfit who introduced the warm, chiming timbre of the hang drum to the Mercury Prize finals in 2008 will look and sound rather different. For a start, for half the set they will be the Portico Trio because this is the final gig of one of their two hang players, Nick Mulvey.

Nick is leaving the band to pursue a solo career as a singer-songwriter, and his departure has been a spur for change. Jack Wyllie, the saxophonist: "Now, there's more electronics, a lot of live manipulation of instruments that we developed when we were touring the last album, Isla."

The band's signature sound, the hang - a sort of hi-tech steel drum that looks like an upturned wok - will continue to feature in their music, but amid the increasingly electronic textures it will be sampled, morphing into tinkling arpeggios or deep, booming bass.

Portico Quartet, who are still in their fresh-faced mid-twenties, are one of new British music's less likely success stories, whose defiantly unclassifiable instrumental music has found enthusiastic audiences on the Continent.

"We're still trying to create a journey but we're using different routes," explains Milo Fitzpatrick, the bass player. "Hopefully, somebody out there is always going to like the music, whatever age or creed." As the band move from sunny musical climes to somewhere darker and stranger, they are about to find out.

(Edited from an article in The Times by John Bungey, 28 April 2011)

Published 4th May 2011, 10:44am »

Free Music Giveaway - Week Seven

This weeks free track is from a rising star, not just of Central America, but international music, Aurelio.

His catchy Afro-Pop tunes never fail to spread the 'feel good' factor, and give you a sense of the summer. Aurelio's 2011 release 'Laru Beya'... is an irresistibly soulful and uplifting album that breaks new ground for his unique and threatened Garifuna culture from Central America.

Published 3rd May 2011, 1:24pm »

Yungchen Lhamo appearing with His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Yungchen Lhamo has been invited to perform on May 4 at University of California/Irvine, just before a speaking appearance by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It is a 2-day event, organised by Living Peace, with Buddhist scholar and Columbia University professor Dr. Robert Thurman speaking on the first day, when the Gaden Shartse monks will begin building a sand mandala. On the second day, the monks will complete the mandala and eventually do a destruction ceremony. They'll chant prior to the Dalai Lama's talk, and Yungchen Lhamo is invited to perform with them if she wishes, in addition to singing a couple of her own songs.

The venue seats about 5,000 people and the event is free and open to the general public.

Published 28th Apr 2011, 1:11pm »

Competition to win Hot Sound VIP Packages for Peter Gabriel live in North America

This is an extraordinary opportunity to see Peter perform classic songs from his repertoire with a 46-piece orchestra - guaranteed to be an intimate and captivating experience. As reported by Nige Tassel from last months' performance in London "The New Blood Orchestra were simply superb. Under the energetic conductorship of Ben Foster, they pushed and pulled, soared and plummeted....dispensing with the traditional weapons of the rock armoury - no guitar, bass or drums - Peter's lyrics were exposed and laid bare, often taking new meaning with the passing of the years."

There's a limited amount of time to enter the competition - you must submit your answer to the multiple choice question by 12.00 noon EST on 3rd June 2011. To win you will need to answer the question correctly, specify your choice of venue, and enter the name of the friend you will be taking with you. The winners will be contacted via email on the 4th of June 2011.

Photograph: York Tillyer

Published 27th Apr 2011, 3:47pm »

Dub Colossus: Addis Through The Looking Glass - Out Now

"Simmering, jazzy horn arrangements, uncompromising vocals from Sintayehu "Mimi" Zenebe and Mykaell Riley and the insistent pulse of the rhythm section combine to mesmerising effect."

The Sunday Times

"An intriguing, inspired set."

The Daily Mirror

"Ethiopia coming through", goes the shout on Dub Colossus's reworking of "Uptown Top Ranking", and that might be the theme for the whole album."

The Financial Times

"On their second album, Nick Page plus English and Ethiopian collaborators have created an even more cohesive and enjoyable mix of dub reggae, jazzy would-be movie music and Éthiopiques-style funk and balladry."

The Independent

Published 26th Apr 2011, 9:59am »

Free Music Giveaway - Week 5

This week's free download is from Chinese flautist, Guo Yue.

Guo Yue's hauntingly aching music illustrates an evocative journey through the life of the musician, composer and cook.

"In ancient Chinese philosophy, life is about four things: sadness, happiness, being apart and being together. Looking back on my childhood as the youngest son of a violinist, growing up in a large musical family in the alleys of Beijing, I would agree with this old saying." Guo Yue

Published 19th Apr 2011, 9:38am »

Free Music Giveaway - Week Four

This week we are travelling east to bring you Sevara Nazarkhan from Uzbekistan - the central Asian country famed for its long cultural history, its importance on the ancient Silk Road and for its famous city of Samarkand, which finally emerged as sovereign state in 1991, after more than a century of Soviet rule.

Sevara Nazarkhan has a healthy respect for tradition and a penchant for sonic experimentation, the pint-sized diva from 21st Century Uzbekistan does... things her way.

Click on 'Free Music Downloads' from the menu to the left to access the downloads.

Published 11th Apr 2011, 12:50pm »

Free Music Giveaway - Week Three

Today marks the third week of our Free Music Giveaway. A new track has been unlocked and is ready for download in the 'Free Music Downloads' area on our Facebook page.

This week we are heading down into South America to celebrate a powerful singer from the heart of Colombia. Toto La Momposina's music is rootsy and arresting, graceful and polished - a musical meeting point of Africa, Spain and the indigenous Indian population.

Published 4th Apr 2011, 11:32am »

Peter Gabriel's North American Tour: Advanced Ticket Offer

Pre-sale tickets go on sale 10am local time on the March 30th 2011, but you need to be quick as the offer will only last until 10pm local time on the April 1st 2011. The pre-sale tickets are password protected - the password is the same for all ticket vendors (see below for password).

Password: BLOOD

The general public tickets go on sale at 10am local time on April 2nd 2011.

VIP Packages
Hold on for purchase details for the VIP packages untill tomorrow. We will keep you updated here or on the Facebook page.

You may notice some pre-sale links to book tickets have not been made available yet. We will add these links to Peter Gabriel's Official Website and Facebook page as and when we get the information.

Published 30th Mar 2011, 4:58pm »