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Dub Colossus: The Ezana Stone Sessions (Week 3)

Madame Diop are a french-german studio project based in Heidelberg (Germany) .
Their atmospheric left field remix of Yezema Meseret is a slow brooding dark-lounge classic!

The french-senegalese Madame Diop (vocals) and the German Monsieur le Fou (bass/composer/producer) first decided to work together in 2009.
Their first album which is nearly finished, will be called "Etats d´âmes",
and released in 2012.
Their music is a mixture of french chansons, dub, lounge and new electronic sounds.

Published 19th Dec 2011, 10:30am »

Proper Music Podcast: Episode 14

Episode 14 of's series of weekly podcasts, produced and hosted by broadcaster Trevor Dann, is available now for free streaming and download through iTunes and SoundCloud.

Ian Anderson, Colin Irwin and Robin Denselow join Trevor Dann to discuss the winning albums in the fRoots Critics Poll 2011, why physical still has the edge over digital in specialist music and what we can look forward to in 2012. The music experts discuss Real World artists Aurelio, JuJu and Spiro.

Published 13th Dec 2011, 1:36pm »

Dub Colossus - The Ezana Stone Sessions (Week 2)

Week Two is a dance remix of 'Tringo' by Bimbamatic.

Sandy Hoover (aka BIMBAMATIC and Lunar Drive) currently lives in California. Best known for her Lunar Drive albums "Right Here at Black Mesa, Arizona" and "All Together Now", she recently produced the Mexican band Los de Abajos' new album, "Actitud Calle".

Sandy's remix featuring Sintayehu "Mimi" Zenebe totally reworks "Tringo" into an tuffgal Ethiopian handbag classic..!

On a final note, you can now listen to the whole of Dub Colossus' first album 'In A Town Called Addis'. Follow the link below to listen.

Published 12th Dec 2011, 1:18pm »

Dub Colossus - The Ezana Stone Sessions (Week 1)

Today Real World and Dub Colossus launch The Ezana Stone Sessions - a ten week free track giveaway featuring remixes from the recent album 'Addis Through the Looking Glass'.

Key tracks from the album are re-interperated by remixers from around the world in many different styles and flavours - some smooth, some rough, and some seriously shaken and stirred in a dubwise style. The sounds of dubstep, roots, lounge, psycho-trance and perverse pop are all here.

Every Monday a track will be available to download free.

Week One kicks off with "Wehgene" - Almamegretta mix (Naples, Italy).
A roots remix by Gennaro T and Paolo Polcari for Almamagretta. Featuring Tirudel Zenebe on vocals

From Naples, Almamegretta are one of the most successful groups from the roots reggae / world music arena in Italy. Their best known albums are Lingo, Quattro Quarti and recently, the excellent Dubfellas!

"Nick Page (aka Dubulah) and his long list of seasoned collaborators from London and Ethiopia never stop being inventive, exciting and involving in the most sophisticated and sexily sinuous manner." Songlines Magazine ***** (Addis Through the Looking Glass)

Published 5th Dec 2011, 12:57pm »

Iarla wins Best Traditional Album of 2011

The prestigious Irish Times has awarded Iarla O Lionaird Best Album of the Year in the Traditional catagory. A well deserved recognition of his outstanding, ground breaking new album Foxlight:

"Reflection and contemplation seem to be the order of the traditional music world these days. Stand-out albums have had one thing in common: a consistency of tone and mood that hints at a desire to do so much more than merely air a new (or an old) tune set or song.... Iarla Ó Lionáird raised the bar yet again with his soul-filled, light world, Foxlight . " (Siobhan Long, Irish Times)

Published 5th Dec 2011, 12:27pm »

Charlie Winston Canadian Tour: Jan / Feb 2012

Charlie Winston has announced a Canadian tour which hits the road in January 2012.

Tickets and special bonus packages for the Tour are available for sale from all the usual Canadian tickets outlets. VIP packages for the tour will be soon be available from the Charlie Winston Web Store.

Published 30th Nov 2011, 11:13am »

Charlie Winston Roof Top Private Gig

In spite of the blustery weather, Charlie played a charming, witty set of songs from his new album Running Still and his best selling Hobo up on the roof of the famous Galeries Lafayette store in the centre of Paris. With beautiful views of the Eiffel Tour and the Opera and the sparkling lights of the city stretching out, this has to be one of the most exciting venues to perform.

Charlie's rooftop show at Galeries Lafayette will be aired on W9 at 10:00pm on 3rd December.

Published 30th Nov 2011, 9:38am »

Charlie Winston's Album Running Still - Out Today

Lucky Charlie Winston fans in France and Canada can now be the first to hear his second album 'Running Still'.
Journalist Steve Hochman recently spoke to Charlie about the album:

".. there's a sense of joy and discovery throughout the album, self-discovery in particular. Following up the breakthrough of his 2009 album, Hobo, a No. 1 smash in France and a huge hit throughout Europe and Canada, Running Still finds Winston and his richly talented band, the Oxymorons, in collaboration with producer Tony Berg (Michael Penn, Aimee Mann, Bruce Hornsby, Ozomatli) to reach new emotional and sonic colors. This is the first album featuring the band -- drummer Medi, bassist Daniel Marsala and harmonica ace Benjamin "Ben Henry" Edwards along with Winston's piano and guitar -- which came together organically after the making of Hobo as Winston shaped new visions both as a songwriter and performer. Other than a little keyboard additions from Patrick Warren and a touch of guitar from Tiny B (Berg, under a Winston-bestowed alias), the whole colorfully diverse ball of wax comes from the skilled hands of the empathic ensemble.

"It's near impossible for me to write in one style only," says Charlie. "And today in my generation of songwriting, there's a bit of a lack for me. People have forgotten the power of song, since the technology swept through, and how it carries. Coming from parents who are songwriters, that's my No. 1 thing, really."

Published 21st Nov 2011, 12:16pm »

Watch Charlie Winston online tonight live from la Flèche d'Or in Paris - 8pm (UK time)

If you are not lucky enough to have tickets to the sell out show of Charlie in Paris tonight you can still watch a live stream.
Charlie is launching his new album 'Running Still' at this special one off concert.
The album is released in France & Canada on 21st November.

Published 16th Nov 2011, 4:52pm »

The nominees in the 26th annual fRoots Critics Poll Albums Of The Year have been announced.

Real World Records are delighted to announce that Aurelio's 'Laru Beya' and JuJu's 'In Trance' are amongst the 11 nominees in the New Album of 2011 category.

Aurelio - Laru Beya
"This promises to be the album of the year." **** The Guardian
"Idyllic, beach strolling music … a major figure to watch." **** The Telegraph
"An outstanding, surprise-filled offering." The Observer

JuJu - In Trance
"Avant-jazz dub-trance grooves." **** The Independent
"Adams and Camara interact with extraordinary intuition." **** The Guardian
"Hot stuff" ***** London Evening Standard

Every year since 1986 (when the first winner was Paul Simon's Graceland), fRoots magazine has polled experts in the UK and abroad to decide the Album Of The Year in folk, roots & world music. With over 300 writers, broadcasters and activists worldwide invited to vote, it is the most extensively researched and prestigious annual poll of its kind, and "The best researched guide to the key world roots albums of the year" (BBC Radio 3).

This year's winners will be revealed exclusively by BBC Radio 3 in a special edition of World On 3 broadcast from 11 pm on Friday 2nd December, hosted by Mary Ann Kennedy. Full details will appear on the fRoots web site and in a dedicated section from 3rd December, and in the Jan/Feb 2012 double issue of fRoots published in mid-December.

Published 16th Nov 2011 »

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