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Portico Quartet in a Bowers & Wilkins Concert For One

A great night yesterday in the legendary Abbey Road Studios as the Portico Quartet recorded a live set to help B&W celebrate the launch of their instantly desirable new P3 headphones. Not only did the guests listen to the performance through a headphone mix but they were lucky enough to take the tracks, freshly recorded and mixed, away with them.

Portico Quartet played a new driving version of Lackerboo and the now epic Line/Rubidium sequence. Lots of happy punters nibbled their canapes and sipped their wine in the gorgeous Studio 2.

Published 4th May 2012, 5:32pm »

New Charlie Winston video...

Charlie has been very busy recently touring Europe but he managed to take a short break to film the video for his new single 'Where Can I Buy Happiness' which was released last week. We caught up with the man himself and also the Director and Producer of the video filmed for the single, which was shot in the Big Apple.

The idea behind the video was to capture a voyeuristic observation of the city through the lens of the camera, a way to tell the story of Charlie's journey using a number of different photographic techniques and styles to really bring the video to life. Rather than using professional extras, Charlie and the film crew instead, approached every day people on the street to reflect the unique atmosphere of New York and give the video real integrity. "Portraiture was always going to be a very important part of this video and for us it was about speaking to, and giving a brief snap shot of the people of NYC." Said Tim Brown, Director from Rokkit

Charlie played a photographer in the video and equipped with his camera he approached all sorts of people from different walks of life. Charlie described his experience of shooting the video as a blast "I was amazed at how obliging everyone was, especially for New York. It's a real city for sure. One of my favourites." Charlie says "Long days, small crew, I saw more of the Big Apple than I think I had ever seen, including movies. People were what made the experience so memorable. That started with the crew of about 8. We all met on a windy street in the meat packing district at 8.00 on Monday morning, greeted by smiles, coffee and hot ham and cheese bagels wrapped in foil. Throughout the two days of shooting I got time to talk to all of them and it felt like a mini family by the end. But it wasn't just the crew I spoke to and that was partly thanks to the role I played in the film, as a photographer. The director gave me an analog reel Canon camera, like the one I took with me to India to make a photo story, and he gave me a bunch of camera rolls and said 'take pics of what you see'. That gave me a good excuse to approach people in the street and ask for their portrait."

Published 25th Apr 2012, 5:52pm »

Portico Quartet on Guardian 'How I Wrote' session

Watch Portico Quartet performing a live combination of 'Line' and 'Rubidium' as part of The Guardian's "How I Wrote" sessions.

The Guardian "How I Wrote" sessions involve high quality video content of artists discussing their inspiration and background for current material/a song of theirs, as well as a live performance.

Published 19th Apr 2012, 4:15pm »

JuJu to Play Live in London (17th May)

JuJu bring their electrifying improvised fusion of African styles, blues and rock to the Borderline in London on 17th May 2012.

"Their clearest influences...Led Zeppelin, a little Lee Perry and, in the African's extraordinary fiddle solos, a measure of Hendrix-style firepower." MOJO (uk)

Published 11th Apr 2012, 11:11am »

Spiro Captured Live

Close to the end of their successful UK tour Spiro played a sold out show at London's Old Queen's Head. A beautiful venue and an outstanding performance are captured here with a performance of 'Shaft' from their album 'Lightbox'.

The Evening Standard were there to review the show: "It's English folk meets Philip Glass, or in this tune Arvo Pärt, as the music builds up to warm violin lines, descending over and over. The music is intricately worked out, without the improvisations or solos of a regular folk band, as if they are in an inextricable machine...Jane Harbour on fiddle has most of the melodies - she's coiled like a cobra ready to strike, shifting from side to side and fixing you with her eyes. And then the music stops. It's sudden and surprising but the response is a whoop of joy and cries for more." (5 stars)

Published 10th Apr 2012, 12:20pm »

Spiro's UK tour...

Spiro played an inspirational set of heart-stopping tunes to a delighted audience at their sell-out London show last night.

Tickets are still available for their remaining live dates in Bury (29th March), Bristol (31st March), and Basingstoke (1st April).

Published 29th Mar 2012, 11:52am »

Portico Quartet remix competition winners

After careful deliberation, squeezing many listening hours into a busy tour schedule, Portico Quartet have selected the winners for their Steepless remix competition.

The winners are as follows:

Winner - Capac

2nd Place - Kinlaw

3rd Place - Crookes View

Portico Quartet also give special shout outs to Marouette, Spine Static, Alphabets Heaven, MON:STEREO for their efforts too.

Thanks to everyone for taking part, we've all had great fun listening to the remixes as they have been coming in. Keep your eyes peeled for future remix competitions on the RWR SoundCloud page.

Published 23rd Mar 2012, 11:01am »

24 Bit Dub

If you want to give your ears and speakers a super high quality treat you can now access Dub Me Tender through B&W's Society of Sound. Join the music club dedicated to delivering music of outstanding quality and download 14 tracks of full dub remixes of album tracks by Dub Colossus.

"The shimmering Ethiojazz elements remain......but Dub Colossus mastermind Dubulah applies heavy one-drop pressure to hypnotic effect." (Metro UK)

Photo by York Tillyer

Published 20th Mar 2012, 2:48pm »

JuJu and Dub Colossus nominated for Songlines Music Awards

We are delighted to announce that JuJu (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara) have been nominated in the Best Group category in the Songlines Music Awards 2012 for their album 'In Trance' and Dub Colossus have been nominated in the Cross-Cultural Collaboration category for their album 'Addis Through the Looking Glass'.

The nominees were chosen by public vote, and the Songlines Awards Jury will select the winner from each category, with the results announced in the June issue of the magazine.

These awards showcase the year's outstanding CD releases from all over the world - good luck to both JuJu and Dub Colossus!

Published 16th Mar 2012, 2:13pm »

Portico Quartet live on BBC 6 Music

As BBC 6 Music Celebrates 10 Years on the digital airwaves, Huey invited Portico Quartet and Cornelia (featured on their track Steepless) to play live in the studio.

Available to listen to until the 18th March.

Published 14th Mar 2012, 11:00am »

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