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The Blind Boys of Alabama Live in New York (2001)

The Blind Boys of Alabama performing their song ‘Run On For A Long Time’ live in New York. The song originally featured on their 2001 album 'Spirit Of The Century’, now re-released as part of the Real World Gold series.

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Published 15th Feb 2013, 4:18pm »

CBC Talks to Label Manager Amanda Jones


CBC Music takes a look back at Real World itself with label manager Amanda Jones, who has worked alongside Peter Gabriel since the label was launched in 1989.

The article follows on from CBC’s recent series celebrating the Real World Gold re-releases. “The stories behind Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records” featured interviews with Sheila Chandra, Thomas Mapfumo, The Afro Celt Sound System, Yungchen Lhamo and Joseph Arthur.

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Published 15th Feb 2013, 12:18pm »

Two new albums - contrasting in style and pace, but equally virtuosic in performance - now available for the first time in America

Spiro’s shimmering new album, Kaleidophonica, is described by fRoots as “… breathless stuff, genuinely unlike anything else, and exciting, rewarding and gorgeous in equal measure”.  The exceptional musicians use traditional English folk repertoire as a starting point but swiftly deconstruct the songs, spinning them with intense improvisational skill into a unique sound that’s as cerebral and complex as it is strangely moving.

Watch Spiro work their musical magic on this brand new video of The City and The Stars. 

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Iarla O Lionaird is one of today’s most innovative singers in contemporary music, well-known as the ethereal lead voice of Afro Celt Sound System and as vocalist for the touring Masters of Tradition ensemble. Foxlight, his third solo album, is a rich and mature work, offering an impassioned, sublime set of songs that sparkle with versatility.  Drawing on the experiences of his personal music journey, it returns O Lionaird’s remarkable voice to the heart of contemporary Irish music. 

Watch Iarla talking about the making of Foxlight.

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Published 12th Feb 2013, 6:03pm »

The Creole Choir of Cuba's new album, Santiman, out now


“The passion overflows on this new collection … Simply joyous.” The Sunday Times

“Sophisticated singing that could make this choir one of the best known in the world.”

The Choir, formed in Camaguey, Cuba in 1994 and all conservatory-trained musicians, are descendants of former freed slaves from Haiti. The poignant songs, many passed down through generations, are sung in both Haitian Creole (a mix of French, English and West African languages) and Spanish. Stories of freedom and protest, of survival despite abject poverty, mingle with humorous and celebratory songs about everyday life. Expressed with vibrant harmonies, deep Caribbean rhythms and a hefty dose of Cuban flair, theirs is a rich, soulful sound that evokes their proud history of resistance and resilience.

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Published 11th Feb 2013, 11:52am »

New Portico Quartet 'Live/Remix' album


Live/Remix is a double album offering a unique insight into two distinct parts of Portico Quartet’s personality. Live catches the band on tour in 2012 and features tracks from last year’s eponymous album, Portico Quartet, as well as new arrangements of old favourites ‘Clipper’ and 'Dawn Patrol’. Delivered with a powerful punch the album adds that extra drive and energy honed over years of live performance, and many pieces appear in dynamic new arrangements. East London based Swedish singer Cornelia joins for a truly epic version of their track 'Steepless’.

Remix, curated by Portico Quartet, features mixes of their music by some of the band’s favourite producers and DJs. Featuring Will Ward, SBTRKT, Luke Abbott, Scratcha DVA, LV, Capac, Konx-om-Pax and Luca Lozano.

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Published 8th Feb 2013, 4:51pm »

'Running Still' released in the UK today (US tomorrow)


The latest album from Charlie Winston Running Still is released in the UK today and in the U.S. tomorrow. The European chart-topper and multi-instrumentalist melds a variety of genres - pop, rock, folk, soul, blues and more - into 12 tracks guided by straight-talking lyricism. Winston’s appeal lies in his diverse range and seamless ability to go from personal piano ballads (‘She Went Quietly’) to quirky instrumentation including beat-boxing ('Speak To Me’) to deeply emotional yet accessible cuts ('Unlike Me,’ currently in rotation on KCRW).

Watch the new video for 'Speak To Me’ below.

To celebrate the release, Winston is also offering a free download of the acoustic version of the track Lift Me Gently and will be performing an acoustic session for Daytrotter, streaming live from London, on February 2nd.

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Download 'Lift Me Gently (Acoustic)’ here

Published 28th Jan 2013, 11:03am »

Charlie Winston to play London show with full live band


Charlie Winston is set to play his first UK show of the year with a full live band.  Catch Charlie’s beatboxing and quirky instrumentation skills live on stage at The Scala, London on the 13th March.  Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9.00am via the link below..

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Published 23rd Jan 2013, 12:35pm »

Recording 'Santiman', the new album from The Creole Choir of Cuba

This short film gives a window into the recording of The Creole Choir of Cuba’s new album Santiman at Real World Studios.  Santiman is released on Feb 11 (UK) / Feb 12th (US).

Freedom songs passed down through generations of Haitian emigrants in Cuba are brought to life with vibrant harmonies, lilting melodies and rich, deep Caribbean rhythms.

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Published 21st Jan 2013, 9:42pm »

Download an exclusive version of 'Lift Me Gently' by Charlie Winston


In advance of the release of Charlie Winston’s Running Still in the UK and US next week, we are giving away an exclusive version of one of the album’s stand out tracks - the poignant and touching ‘Lift Me Gently’.

Download the track now

Published 21st Jan 2013, 2:48pm »

Real World Records label Spotlight on Google Play (US)


Check out the Real World Records label Spotlight over on Google Play (US).  Follow the link below to learn more about the rich history of our label and listen to a playlist of songs taken from selected titles in our catalogue.

“It’s almost impossible to imagine world music without Real World. The legendary record label didn’t invent the global music traditions it promotes, of course, or even the history of appreciating them from afar. But what Real World did do was create a cutting-edge studio and label, then invited musicians from around the world to record and share their cultural heritages with a larger audience. Over the years this has included greats like India’s Shiv kumar Sharma, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Papa Wemba and China’s Guo Brothers, among dozens of others.”

Real World Record’s Spotlight on Google Play

Published 16th Jan 2013, 11:27am »

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