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9Bach's 'Lliwiau' released today


The first track from the forthcoming 9Bach album Tincian is called Lliwiau and is available to download on iTunes from today.

If you buy Lliwiau first and then decide to get the album Tincian the price you pay for Lliwiau will be taken off the album price with Complete My Album.

However, if you have already pre-ordered the album Tincian on iTunes but can’t wait to own Lliwiau?, then don’t worry as the same thing happens. The price you now pay for Lliwiau will be reduced from the cost of your album on release date.

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The Gloaming: Caoimhin's Hardanger fiddle

The Gloaming’s five musicians are all remarkable players who lend their individual sounds and styles into the mix. Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh adds the tougher, maverick edge with the unexpected drone effects and textures of the Hardanger D'Amore. He explains how he came to play this unusual instrument:

“I play a stunning 10-string instrument made by Norwegian luthier Salve Håkedal. The top five bowed gut strings plus the five sympathetic strings below give the fiddle a wonderful resonant sound. It is somewhere between a hardanger fiddle and a viola d'amore. While Salve calls this instrument a 5+5, and Dan Trueman (for whom the first one was made) calls his a 5x5, I’ve decided mine likes being called a Hardanger d'Amore.

I use baroque and transitional bows made by a wonderful French bowmaker named Michel Jamonneau. His bows are things of great beauty, and for me they are like paintbrushes for sound. They are the perfect match for the Hardanger d'Amore, and together they teach me something every time I pick them up, expanding what is thinkable and possible.”  Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh

Q&A with Caoimhin via The Mouth Magazine


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9Bach's new album out 12th May


Tincian is 9Bach’s second album. It’s an atmospheric, emotional record that reflects their home environment of Gerlan, North Wales. 

The songs on the album are all stories: some of them autobiographical, some are other people’s true stories and others imaginary. There are stories of the quarry men, of strong and brave women, of lost children, of foxes feasting near blood stained streams in areas of natural beauty, of forgotten derelict houses, of nature, of slate, of red dust, of family and of ‘cariad’ which means love. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes anger, a harshness that rings a heavy sound. But there is also a beauty and serenity, a light and gentle sound that resonates much further - Tincian.

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The Gloaming to play WOMAD 2014


The first artist announcement for this years WOMAD Charlton Park 2014 has been unveiled today. 

Included on the bill are The Gloaming, who released their debut self-titled album on Real World earlier this year to critical acclaim.

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The Gloaming: Album Art


We’ve had a great reaction to the image used on the cover of The Gloaming’s debut album.

It’s part of an intriguing series, called The Architect’s Brother, by the husband and wife team, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. Described as ‘stories of loss, human struggle, and personal exploration within landscapes scarred by technology and over-use’, these are beautiful, arresting images - pale, warm and poetic. Robert ParkeHarrison himself appears as ‘Everyman’, struggling alone to repair a devastated planet. With deficient tools, he is nonetheless an industrious, optimistic soul who attends the earth’s wounds. 

“The cover of the sleeve design was always going to be important to us, and we were thrilled when Robert & Shana Parke Harrison gave us permission to use their exceptional image for the cover.”  Caoimhin O Raghallaigh

Find out more about the ParkeHarrison’s extraordinary work

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The Guardian says "Why The Gloaming Is The One Album You Should Hear This Week"

Everyone is catching up with wonderful world of The Gloaming and why it’s the most important new Irish album of the moment.

Watch the video here

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'Grit- The Martyn Bennett Story' Theatrical Production Announced


Just announced is ‘Grit’ - a theatrical performance celebrating the inspiring life and music of one of Scotland’s most innovative, pioneering and influential musicians; the tragically late Martyn Bennett. This is an ambitious new cross-form, Scots-Canadian  production directed by multi-award winning Director Cora Bissett ( Olivier award winning RoadKill, Creative Scotland award winning 'Whatever gets You through the Night’ and bold new political musical 'Glasgow Girls’.) And written by Kieran Hurley (‘Beats’/Chalk Farm/ ‘Rantin’) one of Scotland’s most exciting, politically urgent voices.

Reflecting Martyn’s own Scots-Canadian heritage, Grit- The Martyn Bennett Story will be an exciting International collaboration with Canada’s renowned choreographer Dana Gringas (of 'Animals of Distinction’) and  some of Canada’s finest  circus artists (Francois Gravel on trapeze) who will both work alongside an ensemble of Scotland’s  dance and aerial artists, actors, live folk singers, and classical musicians, whilst of course featuring Martyn’s groundbreaking dance music in it’s original form.

This ambitious piece is set to take place in Scotland - at the Glasgow’s Tramway One and in Mull Theatre during the Midsummer weekend.

Martyn released his last album Grit on Real World Records in October 2003.

Discover more about 'Grit - The Martyn Bennett Story’

Find out more on the Visit Scotland website

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Tom Cawley Returns to Real World


The wonderful Tom Cawley toured internationally with Peter Gabriel’s New Blood Orchestra.  He returned this week to Real World Studios to record with his trio the Curios.

The Curios debut album ‘Hidden’ made a startling impact on the jazz scene, winning a nomination as Best Album in the BBC Jazz Awards and reaching the top five in both the HMV and Radio 3 Jazz Charts. MOJO described the record as “an extraordinary collection of deeply personal, highly evolved music”; the Independent made Hidden Album Of The Week and called it “never less than spellbinding”, and Musician magazine declared Curios “a shining light for British jazz”.

The new album will be premiered on Bowers & Wilkin’s Society of Sound.

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The Gloaming CDs selling fast!

We have been delighted  by the fantastic reaction to The Gloaming album. The reviews have been outstanding.  If you find that you can’t buy a copy from your favourite retailer, don’t worry, new stock will be back in next week.

Download the album: Real World / iTunes / Amazon

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The Gloaming’s Debut Album Launches to Critical Acclaim


The Gloamings’ debut album is released in the UK today

The album will be launched at Celtic Connections in Glasgow on Wednesday, followed by dates at the Union Chapel (London), Sage Gateshead & The National Concert Hall In Dublin.  

Available from: Real World / iTunes / Amazon

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