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Portico Quartet's Live/Remix Released In US


Portico Quartet’s new double album Live/Remix is released in the US on the on 7th May.

Live goes right the heart of Portico Quartet’s inimitable electro-acoustic-ambient music, delivered with that extra drive and energy honed over years of performance. Recorded live on tour in 2012. 

Remix features mixes by some of the band’s favourite producers/djs: Will Ward, SBTRKT, Luke Abbott, Scratcha DVA, LV, Capac, Konx-om-Pax and Luca Lozano.

“They’ve developed a textural palette and in the process taken their emotional clout to another level.”  The Guardian

Listen to ‘City Of Glass’ taken from the Live disc…

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John Metcalfe's New Album Released on Society of Sound

Peter Gabriel’s orchestral arranger for Scratch My Back and New Blood has now released his own latest work via B&W’s Society of Sound, where members can download very high, studio quality digital audio.  John Metcalfe’s musical experience ranges from his classical work as viola player and leader of the Duke Quartet, to being part of Durutti Column, as well as orchestral arranger for artists such as Simple Minds, Bat For Lashes, Blur - as well as Peter.  The new release ‘The Appearance of Colour’ features musical collaborations with pianist Tom Cawley, The Carducci Quartet and renown cellist Matthew Barley.  It is a beautiful new work where intimate modern chamber music touches elements of electronics.  

View this release on the Society of Sound

John Metcalfe has curated the Monomedia concert series at Kings Place in London.  He and his band, with special guests, are performing as part of the concert series on Saturday 11 May.

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Dub Colossus - Winner of a Songlines Music Award 2013

We are delighted to announce that Dub Colossus have won in the Cross-cultural Collaboration category in this year’s Songlines Music Awards.

From over 600 albums to a shortlist of 16, Dub Me Tender Vol 1 & 2 is a very well-deserved win. Congratulations to Nick Page (producer/multi-instrumentalist), Tsedenia Gebremarkos and Sintayehu ‘Mimi’ Zenebe (vocals), Samuel Yirga (piano), Feleke Hailu (saxophone) and Teremage Woretaw (mesenqo/vocals).

More about Dub Colossus

Read more about the Songlines Music Awards

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New Albums Out In America This Week

Syriana ‘The Road To Damascus' (Available for the first time in the US)

Atmospheric and menacing” Uncut (UK)

Imagine ancient Middle Eastern culture blending with surf guitars, spy novels and Cold War iconography, with an array of diverse instruments. The Road To Damascus is produced by Nick “Dubulah” Page (Dub Colossus, TransGlobal Underground) and features Syrian qanun virtuoso Abdullah Chhadeh & accordionist Mazin Abu Sayf; Egyptian percussionist Sherif Ibrahim; Palestinian singer/oud player Nizar Al-Issa, and Irish double-bassist Bernard O'Neill. Time was spent in Damascus to record strings and the stunning soprano, Lubana Al Quntur.

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Samuel Yirga ‘Hagere’ (4 track digital EP)

Ethiopia’s most promising young pianist, described by the LA Times as sitting “… somewhere in that fertile ground where jazz mingles with R&B and funk to create soulful beauty. … perfect for those interested in hearing an eloquent young voice express new ideas on the piano.”

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Two more albums added to the Real World Gold Series…

Sheila Chandra ‘Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices’

 “…a breathtaking tapestry of uncommon beauty.” Chicago Tribune 

With this 1992 classic, the great singer explored the music of her spiritual ancestors, drawing upon South Indian, Celtic, Spanish and Muslim influences. Musical backing is minimal, allowing the vocals to rise and fall, soar and dip. 

Buy Weaving My Ancestors now


Adrian Sherwood ‘Never Trust A Hippy’

 It’s my own version of a kind of world music-sci-fi-dub-dancehall record.” Adrian Sherwood

Sherwood’s solo debut, featuring production maestros Sly & Robbie, young Jamaican dancehall musicians Bubblers, Jazzwad and Lenky, Indian singer Hari Haran, On-U artists Ghetto Priest and Mark Stewart, and legendary guitarist Skip “Little Axe” McDonald.

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Portico Quartet launch Live/Remix album at KoKo London


The futurist soundscapes of the Portico Quartet’s electro-acoustic world filled London’s Koko last night. They were launching their new double album Live/Remix to a packed audience.  In a live context the beautiful cinematic sounds are delivered with a driving, powerful punch - it wasn’t just a gig but an enveloping immersive event.

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JuJu 'Explosive' , On The Road with Robert Plant

Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara, known collectively as JuJu, together with their explosive rhythm section of Billy Fuller and Dave Smith have just returned from a tour of Singapore , Australia and New Zealand as part of Robert Plant’s new Sensational Space Shifters band. Wowing audiences of up to 20,000 with their futuristic take on Afro-Trance blues, the band are currently unveiling dates for a U.S. tour with Plant in June and July. Juldeh’s spotlight moments have become highlights of the show, and Robert Plant himself has been in unbelievable form, his voice steering the band to new psychedelic heights.  

The press reaction has been outstanding:

The New Zealand Herald on April 12th said: Plant and his guitar-powered band restructured Led Zep songs with unpredictable dynamics and arrangements, throwing in everything from swirling synthesizers to the traditional instruments played by Gambian musician Juldeh Camara, who helped drag many of those blues-derived riffs back to the sub-Sahara. ’

This was the response from Canberra Times on March 30th:  ‘What’s going on is further proof that Plant is far more imaginative, playful and adventurous than any cliche of a clumping old rocker, a man who’s absorbed all the music he’s loved and played and sought out the musicians to explore that. For a start he has a band capable of power when needed but the flexibility and talent to glide from African rhythms to Arabic shapes to Moog-enhanced electronica and down into the blues via American roots. Bassplayer Billy Fuller, drummer Dave Smith, keyboardist and sound manipulator John Baggott and lead guitarist Skin Tyson offer all that and more, superbly. Then there’s the extra colourings added by guitarist/producer Justin Adams, whose knowledge of African music is immeasurable, and Gambian Juldeh Camara, mostly on the bowed, two-stringed riti and occasionally on keening vocals.’

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Real World Remembers Phil Ramone

It was with great sadness that Real World Records learned of the death of Phil Ramone; and with great happiness the memories of his trip to Real World Studios in the summer of 1991.  

We were delighted when the pioneering producer, famous for his work with artists such as Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett, Paul Simon and Ray Charles (to name but a few), took up our invitation to work with traditional Colombian artist Totó la Momposina.  

Phil arrived at the 1991 Real World Recording Week and was plunged into a world of powerful, driving folk music from the Atlantic region of Colombia lead by the vivacious and charismatic singer Totó.  This was not the conventional recording situation Phil would have been used to and yet in a matter of days he had brought his outstanding skills of production to three songs, on what would become the album ’La Candela Viva’.  He understood immediately Totó’s significance as an artist:  “Totó, in herself, is so strong spiritually and mentally. She gives you tremendous vibes of affection and love. Then you see a chemistry between the musicians: there is an intimacy that goes on in their eyes.  Somehow something happens, seemingly unrehearsed, where a smile comes out of one of them and then the next, and a pattern develops.  I suspect there is a great depth in what they’re communicating.”

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New albums out in the US this week

Dub Colossus ‘Dub Me Tender Vol 1 & 2’ 

Kingston-quality reggae rhythms, funky brass, and trance-inducing percussive assaults from the dub-heavy Ethio-UK collective

Dub Colossus combine the golden years of Ethiopique beats and Ethiojazz with the dub reggae styles of the early 70s, of sounds like the Abyssinians and Mighty Diamonds. The dub element on Dub Me Tender has been pumped up – giving these tracks a full Dubulah workover. Includes guests Mykaell Riley (Steel Pulse), Nick Van Gelder (Jamiroquai), Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation), and Bernard O'Neill (Syriana).


And as part of the Real World Gold series of reissues:

Gifted - Women of the World 

A compilation of ethereal beauty, celebrating the feminine and featuring eight great female voices from cultures around the world: Sheila Chandra, Susana Baca, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Yungchen Lhamo, Estrella Morente, Susheela Raman, Mamani Keita and Shruti Sadolikar.

These women are all lionesses, but they never roar. The emphasis is on wit, strength and kindness - the inherent gifts of women everywhere.” Rhythm

En Mana Kuoyo - Ayub Ogada 

One of Africa’s finest musicians explores the traditional culture of his Luo people (President Obama’s Kenyan heritage), with his distinctive, soothing voice framed by delicate kora.

A haunting, spiritual quality that is reflective, intimate, introspective and demonstrates an extraordinary sensitivity to dynamics.” fRoots


Discover more albums in the Real World Gold series

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Portico Quartet Live/Remix Out Now


The new Live/Remix double album is out now.

“Impossible to score or define, this is music that simply has to be experienced”

Live goes right to the heart of Portico Quartet’s inimitable electro-acoustic-ambient music, delivered with that extra drive and energy honed over years of performance. Recorded live on tour in 2012. 

Remix features mixes by some of the band’s favourite producers/djs: Will Ward, SBTRKT, Luke Abbott, Scratcha DVA, LV, Capac, Konx-om-Pax and Luca Lozano. 

A beautifully produced double vinyl will be coming in April - featuring eight of the live tracks and four remixes from the CD, plus a code to download the complete album. 

Buy Now - iTunes / Real World / Amazon

See a list of forthcoming live dates

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Three Cane Whale launched on Society of Sound


Alex Vann from Real World favourites Spiro also spends time creating music with the instrumental trio Three Cane Whale. Together with Pete Judge and Paul Bradley they create spell-binding and delicate music - intricate but minimal, cinematic yet intimate.  Inspired by natural acoustics and ambiences, each track is recorded in a different place in southern England and Wales - a chapel, a greenwood barn, an allotment shed, the top of a waterfall and even the underside of a Bristol flyover. With a range of entirely acoustic instruments including mandolin, zither, trumpet, guitar and even a bowed psaltery, the world they create is unique and ‘impressively original’ (The Guardian).

You can hear the exquisite universe of Three Cane Whale’s Holts and Hovers album first on Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound, in advance of the CD release in May.

Download 'Holts and Hovers’ from the Society of Sound

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