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Ben Harper Blind Boys collaboration album reviewed
Jam Nation hero Ben Harper tones down his lap-slide guitar flash in favor of the holy spirit for this blend of originals and gospel classics, his first full-length album with the historic singing group. They've worked together before, on the Blind Boys' excellent Higher Ground and Spirit of the Century, but here the pairing that Harper has termed "a spiritual soul movement" sounds like an outright tent-revival mission. His fevered wah-wah strutting and sweet high voice take their places in the chorus alongside the raw-throated howl of Blind Boys leader Clarence Fountain and his fellow bass George Scott, who plead for salvation like powerful old lions on "Take My Hand." The group's alto, Jimmy Carter, sails over the funky, hiccupping blues beat put down by Harper's Innocent Criminals on the classic "Satisfied Mind." The best cut may be Harper's "Picture of Jesus," a country-music-informed adventure in old-school church harmonizing with the passionate power to touch souls. --(Ted Drozdowski )

Published 8th Sep 2004, 12:02pm »

Ben Harper and The Blind Boys Show Us The Light

Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama To Release New CD!

After a history of live performances and studio collaborations, Ben Harper and legendary gospel group the Blind Boys of Alabama have teamed up to record a new studio album due out September 20th on Virgin Records. "There Will Be A Light" features originals like "Where Could I Go", "Church House Steps", "Take My Hand", and a cover of the country standard "Satisfied Mind".

Published 8th Sep 2004, 11:55am »

The Importance Of Being Elegant

Papa Wemba who has made 3 albums for Real World is also well known for his position in the organization known as Le Sape (the Société Des Ambianceurs et Persons Élégants) who invest vast amounts of money on designer clothes to present themselves as conspicuously elegant as possible.
On BBC Two (UK) on Saturday 14 August this documentary film set to Papa Wemba's extraordinary music is an eye-opening and funny exploration of this underground African cult!
Check out the BBC website for a fascinating interview with the film makers.

Published 13th Aug 2004, 5:14pm »

Papa Wemba Promo Videos Online!

As a companion to the "Importance of Being Elegant" documentary on BBC2 this weekend we have uploaded two promo videos from Papa Wemba's back catalogue into the Video Vault.

Published 13th Aug 2004, 5:10pm »

State of Bengal - Table Tennis Champion?

Well, not quite......but the very wonderful SOB (aka Sam Zaman) will be Charlie Gillet's special guest for a game of Radio Ping Pong on BBC London 94.9 FM on Saturday 17th July. Catch the programme for lively exchange of musical diversity!

State of Bengal has recently been working with Paban Das Baul to create the gorgeous "Tana Tani" on Real World Records - a musical ping pong of Bengal music ancient and very very modern.

Published 9th Jul 2004, 10:39am »

Free Interactive track by Peter Gabriel from Noodle Heaven

Noodle Heaven is an amazing new system that allows artists to create a new hybrid of music and video games - interactive, free flowing, liquid music. Some of you may know the original "Noodle" program from the AfroCelt CDs "Volume 2" and "Further in Time" . Well, we've been working for the last few years to create a massively enhanced new version, and Peter Gabriel and Richard Evans have made the first tracks for the program.

It's free to get an account and download the Noodle Player, and we'll give you Peter's track "The Tower that Ate People" when you sign up.

Have fun! We're looking forward to finding out what you think about the program on the forums on the Noodle Heaven website.

Published 8th Jul 2004, 1:01pm »

Apologies for our absence.

Regular visitors to this site may have noticed our absence over the last few days. Unfortunately weevils had got into the servers Core-flux Modules. It took quite a while for our iPixies to chase them all back out and allow us to resume normal service.

Apologies for any inconvenience and welcome back to the site.

Published 30th Jun 2004, 4:48pm »

Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald on The Paul Jones Show, Radio 2, Thursday 24th June

Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald appears on the Paul Jones blues show on BBC Radio 2, at 8pm Thursday 24th June. He is in session with British jazz/blues singer and keyboard player, Sam Payne. Legendary bluesman, guitarist, songwriter and ex Sugar Hill member, Skip McDonald, has worked with Adrian Sherwood on the Little Axe album, 'Champagne And Grits', to be released on Real World Records in September.

Published 23rd Jun 2004, 11:57am »

Charlie Musselwhite in Session on BBC Radio 2

Charlie Musselwhite recorded a session for Paul Jones Blues show for BBC Radio 2 during his recent visit to the UK. This will be broadcast in two parts with the first three tracks going out on 1st July and a repeat with the final track on 9th December.

Published 15th Jun 2004, 12:41pm »

Ozomatli Headline at Glastonbury

Festival favourites Ozomatli, whose new album 'Street Signs' is released in Europe on Real World Records on June 22, will be headling the Jazz-World Stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival on Sunday 27 June. They are perennial favourites at this event - loved by the audience and the organizers alike. The show will be filmed by the BBC - look out for broadcast times closer to the event!

Published 15th Jun 2004, 12:35pm »

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