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Real World Signs Ozomatli For Europe

Real World are delighted to announce the signing of Los Angeles Afro-Latin-and-beyond nine strong crew, Ozomatli, and will be releasing the new album 'Street Signs' on 22 June.

"With artists as self-consciously polymorphous as Ozomatli - descriptions of the group usually bear more hyphens than there are band members - songs can easily devolve into genre exercises. The L.A. nonet were guilty of just that on their first two albums, carefully repping each far-flung constituency - hip-hoppers, Chicanos, salseros, funksters, turntablists, and then some - in their multicultural vibe. Finally, with the third try, Ozo get it oh-so-right and achieve the suppleness and grace of their stylistic forebears War and Mandrill. (After all, those '70s Latin rock bands were just as musically and ethnically diverse without writing songs about it.) Street Signs shows a band that's shed their puppy-dog need to impress, and that focus is beneficial throughout. The focus of the title track - sampled piano licks quoting the salsa classic "El Preso," handclaps, and hip-hop beats - get the job done, delivering a solid progressive rap winner. The closer, "Cuando Canto," is an old-school, harmony-laden ballad that soars with unabashed love for East L.A. "brown-eyed soul." Even as the arrangements get more ambitious, as on the opener, "Believe," which matches Arabic strings with dancehall rhythms and psychedelic guitar, Ozo keep the emphasis on the songs. That's the most rewarding development on Street Signs : the band deliver their radical politics with fervor and clarity, especially on the searing "(Who Discovered) America?" and "Who's to Blame," featuring Jurassic 5 rapper Chali 2na. Guests ranging from piano maestro Eddie Palmieri to Los Lobos' David Hidalgo to turntablist (and Ozo founder) Cut Chemist sweeten the pot, but the real spice comes from Ozomatli themselves on this powerfully realized statement." Mark Schwartz - Barnes and Noble

Published 11th May 2004, 2:43pm »

New signing Daby Toure support Peter Gabriel on tour

Daby Toure, or just 'Daby' as he's known in the world of music, grew up in southern Mauritania, an arid land where the sands of the Sahara mingle with the grasses and stunted trees of the sahel, and where the Arabic and Moorish cultures of North Africa blend into the many distinct cultures of black west Africa. Like all young Africans, Daby soaked up the melodies and rhythms of his Soninke people without thought or effort. But from an early age, after falling in love with bands like The Police and Michael Jackson, he knew that he wanted to create his own music and move beyond the cosy limits of his people's musical traditions.

In 1989 Daby's father Hamidou Toure, a doctor and amateur musician, was called to Paris to join Toure Kunda, a seminal group in the history of world music and the African scene in Paris. Hamidou sold his house to pay for his son's ticket. The young Daby was intoxicated by the musical riches he found in the French capital, especially the leftfield jazz scene, and he soon became involved in several groups, eventually teaming up with his cousin Omar to form Toure Toure. Despite objections from his father, who feared the hardships that a musical career might heap on his son, Daby relentlessly pursued the grail of a new Afro-centric pop sound. After disbanding Toure Toure, Daby locked himself away for several years to work on his first solo album 'Diam', collaborating with electronic musician and digital wizard Cyrille Dufay. Daby may be proud of his African roots but he values creative freedom above all else, and shuns any obligation to be more 'African' than his heart and soul tell him to be. 'Diam' is a superbly-crafted contemporary pop record, that blend the sounds of Africa, Paris and international pop in equal measure. After being touted to almost every single record label in France, 'Diam' eventually found its way to the offices of Real World Records, who are releasing it worldwide.

The new album 'Diam' will be released on Real World Records, distributed by Virgin/EMI (coming Soon)

Daby is seen here giving an intimate performance at Real World Studios.

Published 6th May 2004, 4:05pm »

Daúde nominated for 2004 EMMA: Best World Music Act

The first ever EMMA (Ethnic Multicultural Media Award)s were held on the 14th May 1998 at the Dorchester Hotel, London. The Awards were established as an independent political initiative, with no hidden commercial agenda or political strings attached. Even after four years of remarkable growth and success, maintaining its independence still remains a priority for EMMA.
Today, the Awards are appreciated as an important statement for Britain's ethnically varied society, raising universal awareness of the valuable contribution made by individuals and organisations from around the world to the most powerful industry in the western hemisphere: The Media.

This year Real World artist Daúde has been nominated for a 2004 EMMA in the Best World Music Act and you can support this extraordinary artist by voting for her.

The EMMA Awards can be seen on BBC 2 on Sunday 30 May at 10.45

Published 6th May 2004 »

Afro Celts to perform at The Fåilte Session

Afro Celts are performing at the Fáilte Session in Dublin, a celebration of the 10 new countries joining the EU.

The Fáilte Session is a 40 minute programme of music, readings and performance to be broadcast on the evening of the Day of Welcomes, 1st May 2004. Some of Ireland’s best traditional musicians are joined by their counterparts from the 10 accession countries in a musical celebration with readings by special guests on the theme of “ welcome”.

The Afro Celts will perform 2 songs, Lagan and Collossuss, at the start and end of the programme.

May 1st 2004 is the day when 75 million people in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, join the E.U.

The show will be broadcast from the Great Hall of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham in front of an audience of 250 invited guests from the communities in Ireland of the 10 new countries.

Joining the Afro Celts will be The Chieftains,
Sharon Shannon, Musicians from Accession States, Balor Dance Group and Rita Ann Higgins .

Published 29th Apr 2004 »

Charlie Musselwhite album released to critical acclaim

•Will perform on ABC “Jimmy Kimmel Live” April 12•
•Interview/performance segments to air on
World Cafe, Mountain Stage, E-Town and WFUV•
•Spring 2004 tour dates announced•
If you have not yet listened to SANCTUARY, the powerful new album from American music icon Charlie Musselwhite out April 6 on Real World/Narada, you need to right’s Charlie at his darkest hour yet. Musselwhite, who has recorded with everyone from Bonnie Raitt to INXS to Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, finds new company with friends Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama, and a superb guest band featuring Charlie Sexton, Michael Jerome and Jared Nickerson, who together revamp and ignite the soul of the blues.

Jon Pareles of the NEW YORK TIMES highlighted SANCTUARY in his April 4 “Playlist,” writing, “From his Mississippi birthplace to Memphis to Chicago, Charlie Musselwhite has soaked up the blues in the right places and eras, and his harmonica playing has been respected since the 1960's. "Sanctuary" (Real World) pays equal attention to Mr. Musselwhite's modest, lived-in voice and a selection of songs that probes the blues' existential lessons about loss, wandering and death... a lean, bluesy backup group that brings out both Mr. Musselwhite's roots and his unfinished search.” Respected blues critic Jeff Johnson of the Chicago Sun Times wrote: “Once every few years, a blues album comes along that's so overwhelmingly powerful, so moving that it transcends the genre and gains across-the-board acclaim. Harmonica great Charlie Musselwhite's first album for Peter Gabriel's Real World label, "Sanctuary," refutes any critic who dares to say they don't write great blues songs anymore.” (4/4/04)

On the heels of amazing early radio success--Musselwhite’s rousing duet with Ben Harper on a new version of “Homeless Child” is already tearing up the radio charts, coming in at #2 most added at triple A in the country-- Charlie will unleash his strong new material with several upcoming national TV and radio performances.
Musselwhite also has a 20-city Spring US tour that includes a performance at the WC Handy Awards in Memphis on April 29, where he has been nominated again for “Best Harmonica Player“ (he has won 14 Handy awards in total).
Tune in:
•Sirius Satellite Radio - April 5•
•WFUV Radio “Charlie Musselwhite Day” - April 6•
•ABC “Jimmy Kimmel Live” - April 12•
•PRI World Cafe - April 15•
•NPR Mountain Stage - April 23•
•House of Blues Radio - May 1-2•
•E-Town - April 28 •

Published 7th Apr 2004 »

The Blind Boys Celebrate With Solomon Burke

On Sunday 21 March The Blind Boys of Alabama will join Solomon Burke to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of his ordination ino the Church of the Nazarene in Pasadina. The congragation will join this old-style revivalist meeting and musical event in the church where Burke began as a child preacher.

Published 21st Mar 2004 »

Catch Up With the BBC Awards For World Music

The 2004 awards culminated in a fantastic concert at Usher Hall in Edinburgh on 9th March. Award winners including Rokia Traore, Daara j, DJ Dolores, Kazem Al Sahir, Ojos de Brujo and Real World's Sevara Nazarkhan put on an incredible performance to an enthusiastic packed house. If you weren't able to make the concert, you can watch it online at the first address link below:

You can also browse the BBC's online gallery for some great photos from the event: at the second address below;

Published 16th Mar 2004 »

Peter Gabriel and Sevara on BBC4 tonight.

9:00 - 10:30 PM
Radio 3 awards for World Music
Mary Ann Kennedy and Benjamin Zephaniah introduce highlights from the awards ceremony at the prestigious Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Sevarra won the Asia category at this event.

10:30 - 11:30 PM
Peter Gabriel: Growing Up
Recorded live at the Fila Forum in Milan in May 2003, Peter Gabriel performs a selection of favourite songs including Sledgehammer, Red Rain, Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes, Secret World, The Barry Williams Show, Father Son and Sky Blue in a musical tour-de-force.

Published 12th Mar 2004 »

Sevara To Perform at BBC Awards Show

Sevara Nazarkahn will be collecting her BBC Radio 3 Award for Best Asian Artist and performing at the Winner's Concert at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on March 9th. Catch the show on BBC 4 TV on March 12 at 9pm or BBC Radio 3 on March 13 at 3pm.
Sevara is also short listed for the Audience Award, which will be announced live on the night.

Published 3rd Mar 2004 »


Blues renegade Charlie Musselwhite burned up the stage in NYC last night, playing with his smokin’ Sanctuary band-Charlie Sexton, Jared Nickerson and Michael Jerome-to an excited, appreciative sold-out crowd. The band previewed songs from SANCTUARY, Musselwhite’s powerful new album to be released April 6 on Real World/Narada. SANCTUARY takes the listener through the gritty territory of Musselwhite’s life, opening into personal themes of melancholy and darkness. Musselwhite, whose career spans 40 years and 33 albums, has plenty to say here, covering Ben Harper, Randy Newman, Townes Van Zandt, Sonny Landreth, Savoy Brown and Eddie Harris, as well as four originals. As Musselwhite commented in a recent interview in the NY Daily News (2/24), “These are dark times. People need a refuge, a place they can sort things out and find some healing. I hope this record can be one of those places.”

Charlie Musselwhite will now bring his legendary harp-playing to SXSW for a truly special one-night-only show at the Continental Club on March 19 at 11pm with fellow guitarist Charlie Sexton and drummer Michael Jerome, both of whom lent their masterful playing skills to SANCTUARY.

“In recent years, his singing and guitar work have grown as assured as his harmonica work.”
New Yorker 3/1/04

“...the world’s greatest living blues harmonica player, is going to blow the roof off...and yes, there are only 10 little holes in that thing.”
NY Press 2/25/04

Published 2nd Mar 2004 »

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