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Jan Fairley interviews Peter Gabriel for The Scotsman.

..."TALKING TO PETER GABRIEL, ONE IS struck by how he is as much into technology as music, and deeply involved in the political implications of both. You can see why Gabriel brought out the late Martyn Bennett's powerful roots-electronic album Grit on his label, Real World, and why he's excited that his connection with Bennett's "brave new music" has led to Real World's first Scottish showcase, at Celtic Connections next week...

...I've been lucky to meet Peter Gabriel several times over the years. Once, at an early WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) Festival in Cornwall, before his 1980s Amnesty Tour, we talked in his car about Chilean singer Víctor Jara and the exile of Inti Illimani. Another time, down at the Real World Studios for BBC Radio 4, he took me and the producer by surprise by rowing us up the millstream that runs under the studios, because, as he remembers now, "it was a glorious day!" The movement of the oars made recording the interview impossible, so we chatted until he stopped mid-river, then were slowly carried back downstream as the tape ran, before he insisted we stay for lunch..."

Published 29th Jan 2007, 6:18pm »

New Look and New Competition - win a day in the Big Room

Today sees some major changes to and the launch of our second Remix Competition - remixing Joi's 'Without Zero' could see you spending the day in Real World Studios flagship space, the Big Room.

We hope you enjoy the new look, the forum searching, the new sample pack, the radio, player improvements and competition features. As ever let us know if you have any problems with the site.

Published 26th Jan 2007, 7:53pm »

Värttinä NPR interview to hear online

You can catch up with Värttinä talking to NPR in America during their recent tour.

Published 26th Jan 2007, 11:14am »

'Without Zero' radio programme on air now

Launched now on the new Joi website, you can listen to the 'Without Zero' radio programme. Farook Shamsher aka Joi talks about the tracks on his forthcoming album. This is your chance to hear the new tunes before the CD is out on February 12! Just click on the link below!

Published 24th Jan 2007, 5:49pm »

Remembering Martyn Bennett

Friends of Martyn Bennett will be performing a short set as part of the Real World Night at the Glasgow Fruitmarket on January 31st.

Martyn's music represented a huge leap forward in Scottish contemporary culture. Martyn was unique as both a virtuoso player and a lover of technology; as a result he produced a bold synthesis of traditional tunes, dance music and classical sensibility which no-one else would have been able to carry off. His own live band Cuillin Music applied a scorched earth policy to the folk scene, and this year's performance at Celtic Connections will attempt to recreate the sound and the euphoria of his live performances.

The band will be made up of friends, collaborators and admirers. Kirsten Bennett, Martin Swan, Fraser Fifield, Ross Ainslie, Adam Sutherland, and Greg Lawson will play tracks from Bothy Culture and Hardland in a spirit of celebration and fond remembrance.

Published 23rd Jan 2007, 1:00pm »

Vote 'Come Back To Me' onto the BBC Asian Network Chart

'Come Back to Me' is currently on the BBC Asian Network's A Playlist and, with your help, could feature in next weeks top 20 charts.

Visit the BBC Asian Network website and vote for Joi by selecting 'Come Back To Me' from the A Playlist.

Join Ravi Sagoo on Saturday at 13.00 to hear the results.

Published 23rd Jan 2007, 10:37am »

Catch Farook on the BBC Asian Chart Show

You can listen to Farook Shamsher aka Joi discussing his new album 'Without Zero' on the BBC Asian Network's chart show with Ravi Sagoo at 1.30 on Saturday 20 January (UK time).

The album is already causing a real stir on radio across the UK - find out why!

Published 19th Jan 2007, 10:04am »

Sacred Music from Yungchen Lhamo

In June 2006 Yungchen Lhamo performed at the Festival of Sacred Music of Fes. You can watch her exquisite performance and hear an interview where Yungchen Lhamo expresses her philosophy and the relevance of her Buddest faith in the modern world.
The video is on the Mondomix world music magazine online website.

Published 17th Jan 2007, 5:57pm »

Joi In the Area!

Coming soon - the latest creative offering from the mystical maestros, the Eastern experimentalists! Joi are in the area with a new album on Real World Records.

Having blazed a trail in the mid Eighties with their DJ-led mix of brittle breakbeats and flowing Eastern grooves – a trail that the so-called ‘Asian Underground’ followed in droves – this British Asian collective released two compelling, intelligent albums, 1999’s One and One Is One and 2002’s We Are Three. Celebratory and devotional, progressive and respectful, laden with different emotions yet bound by a one-love aesthetic, they stole the hearts of critics, clubbers and exemplary music-lovers alike.

Now comes the shamelessly upbeat 'Without Zero'. “There is dance and drama and passion throughout this record. We’ve highlighted Asian culture. We’ve extended our electronic roots. And this time there’s a distinct Arabic influence,” says Farook Shamsheer aka Joi supremo. “Asian music and Arabic music merge beautifully. They’re actually very similar, which people don’t tend to realise, and Joi is about uniting different cultures.”

The UK release date is February 19 but check out the website to hear tracks now!

Published 17th Jan 2007, 2:20pm »

Joi presented with UK Asian Music Award

Some of the biggest stars of the British Asian Music industry from genres as diverse as Bhangra, R&B and Asian underground congregated at London’s Hammersmith Palais on Wednesday 6th December 2006 to celebrate the annual UK Asian Music Awards.

Farook from Joi was presented with the UK AMA for 'Commitment to the Scene' in recognition of his long standing and innovative work. He was delighted with the award and said: “It’s so beautiful to see so many Asian artists committed to the scene, I would never have thought when my brother and I first put out a record 20 years ago, that I’d be standing in front of so many creative Asian people collecting this prestigious award – as a movement moves on, Joi!”

Published 17th Jan 2007, 12:38pm »

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