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Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald' Showcase at Ray's Jazz

Lucky Londoners will have the opportunity to see Skip McDonald aka Little Axe in an acoustic showcase to launch his album 'Stone Cold Ohio'.

The performance is free and open to all. It will be happening at 6.00 on Monday 9 October at Ray's Jazz which is located on the second floor of Foyles Bookstore on Charing Cross Road. Skip, on guitar and vocal, will be accompanied by double bass, tabla and violin - so expect a very alternative interpretation of his 20th century blues sound.

Published 3rd Oct 2006, 5:43pm »

Adrian Sherwood new album release & live dates in Japan

Adrian Sherwood's new album, 'Becoming A Cliché', is set for release in Japan through Beatink Records on 18/10/06. The album is intially being released as a special limited edition CD, including bonus CD 'Dub Cliché'.

The new release coincides with 'Dub Sessions Vo.2', a series of live dates in Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka. On stage for the first time in 30 years, the legendary Lee 'Scratch' Perry will be Adrian's very special guest for all four sessions.

Full details and booking info can be found in the tours section of this website.

Published 3rd Oct 2006, 3:04pm »

Guo Yue to perform on 'Shan Qi' DVD

Guo Yue will be performing on the DVD recording of ‘Shan Qi’ (Mountain Energy) from 25th to 29th September 2006. Playing with Yue will be musicians Giovanni Amighetti, Guido Ponzini, Wu Fei and Helge Andreas Norbakken. The DVD will be filmed in beautiful locations in the Dolomites, Carnia and the Venice region and will be recorded using an innovative musical video technique called VMT.

Published 26th Sep 2006, 4:31pm »

Human Rights Video Hub

WITNESS is pleased to announce the launch of the Human Rights Video Hub Pilot, in collaboration with Global Voices Online. The Human Rights Video Hub Pilot is the first initiative of its kind – a curated forum that amplifies and gives context to human rights-related video footage uploaded to the Internet by concerned citizens around the world.

Published 22nd Sep 2006, 5:17pm »

Iarla O'Lionaird to perform at the opening ceremony for The Ryder Cup 2006

Iarla O'Lionaird will appear alongside Cara Dillon at the open ceremony for The Ryder Cup 2006 on Thursday September 21st, 15:00 to 17:00. An estimated TV audience of 1 billion worldwide will be watching the extravaganza which is set to be in the spirit of a World Cup or Olympic Games opening ceremony. The showcase will no doubt try and generate the same effect as the Riverdance phenomena achieved following its showcase at the Eurovision Song Contest when it was hosted by Ireland in 1994. A new Ryder Cup anthem will be performed by one of Ireland’s eminent traditional music players, Donal Lunny and will include a pageant by over 300 actors.

Published 20th Sep 2006, 5:02pm »

The Enemy's Black Horsemen Ride Once More!

"The wide world is all about you; you can fence yourselves in but you cannot forever fence it out". And so the hobbit's mission arrives in London with the announcment that The Lord of the Rings, based on the books by J R R Tokien takes to the stage at the legendary Theatre Royal Drury Lane from 9 May 2007.

The countdown to the opening night began on September 8 when producer Kevin Wallace announced in front of an invited audience that the spectacular event was on its way. Guests who gathered at the Theatre Royal were treated to their first glimpse of a Black Rider towering over them on stage, a scene from hobbits Frodo and Sam and an emotional song from cast and chorus lead by the wonderful Värttinä (who have had a central role in shaping the music of the event).

Auditions were taking place this week for multiple orcs and hobbits (hairy feet an additional advantage!)

The producers promise thrilling music, enthralling choreography, remarkable stageing and stunning design featuring over 70 actors, singers and musicians. The epic production opened first in Toronto where it has been honed and developed ready for its London debut next spring.

Published 20th Sep 2006, 4:40pm »

Special web radio feature for Africa Calling

Africa Calling - the CD compilation celebrating the incrediable Live 8 event - has a special feature on the web radio station 'Radio World'. This is a great location to learn about music from every corner of the world with a continuous stream of wonderful sounds. One to check out !

Published 14th Sep 2006, 4:54pm »

Yungchen Lhamo Participates in Dropping Knowledge

Yungchen Lhamo has been selected from over 1,000 applicants worldwide to participate in DROPPING KNOWLEDGE a ground breaking historical event taking place in Berlin, Germany this month.

On September 9, 2006, 112 of the world's most compelling thinkers,artists, writers, scientists,social entrepreneurs, philosophers and humanitarians from around the world will come together in Berlin, Germany, as guests of dropping knowledge.

Seated around the worlds largest table in historic Bebelplatz square, these inspiring individuals, renowned for their lasting creative or social contribution, will engage with 100 questions out of the thousands donated to dropping knowledge by the international public.

Using dropping knowledge's question-rating system, the public identified 500 questions as those most likely to initiate open dialog on a social topic of most relevance to them. This group of questions will yield the final 100 Questions — representing a truly global sampling of cultures, themes and ideas — to be asked at the Table of Free Voices and beyond.

Published 7th Sep 2006, 10:19am »

On-U Sound & Adrian Sherwood to perform at One Love Sound Festival, Poland

Adrian Sherwood will be performing with MC Brother Culture at one of the biggest Polish roots festivals, The One Love Sound Festival in Wroclaw, Hala Ludowa on 18th November 2006.

The festival will also feature a dub workshop by Adrian Sherwood, where he will be showcasing his unique techniques to dub DJ's and home dub producers.

Published 5th Sep 2006, 3:26pm »

Daby Touré and Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald in the studio

Music's been flowing in every possible corner of Real World today - Daby and Skip (pictured below) are working on new projects for Real World Records in The Wood Room and The Big Room respectivly, with rumours of a 30+ strong ensemble rehersing elsewhere on site (someody must have eaten all those sandwiches!), and that's all before Adrian Sherwood arrived to really make some noise.

Published 30th Aug 2006, 6:08pm »

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