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Live 8: Africa Calling: BBC Five Live interview

Five Live's Phil Williams interviewed Peter Gabriel at the Africa Calling event on 2nd July.

Published 4th Jul 2005, 4:41pm »

Live 8: Africa Calling: Live web streams

Find out how you can watch and listen live to the Africa Calling Live 8 concert at Eden this weekend. The BBC has exclusive access to stream the entire event, so if you can't be there, follow the even from the BBC's site.

Published 1st Jul 2005, 5:02pm »

Thomas Mapfumo to release new album on Real World

The legendary artist and political activist Thomas Mapfumo from Zimbabwe will release his new album "Rise Up" on Real World Records early in 2006. Presenting new songs from the album Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited will be performing at Africa Calling on Saturday 2 July as part of Live 8. There could not be a more appropriate artist to walk on stage and represent his nation and its people.

Published 30th Jun 2005, 10:57pm »

Maryam Mursal Returns To the Stage for Africa Calling!

Charismatic, outstanding Somali artist Maryam Mursal has brought together a unique collection of renown musicians (currently refugees in exile in England) to take part in Africa Calling this Saturday at the Eden Project in St Austell Cornwall. Peter Gabriel has personally requested Maryam's appearance at this unique event.

Published 30th Jun 2005, 10:53pm »

Africa Calling: "I feel panicked underneath!"

Peter Gabriel talks with Lucy Cavendish of the London Evening Standard about this satudays Africa Callin Live 8 event.

Published 30th Jun 2005, 6:51pm »

"Anatomic" On Its Way

The original and still the best! The Afro Celts will be back with Volume 5 of their global journey in September. Musicianship of the highest order is infused with heart-felt depth of emotion. Featuring guests Dorothee from Rwanda and Sevara Nazarkhan from Uzbekistan the band continue to push back the boundaries and explore new musical territories. 'Anatomic' sums up the last 10 years the Afro Celts have spent creating complex, beautiful and dramatic films of sound.

To be released on 03 October 2005

Published 24th Jun 2005, 12:46pm »

Blind Boys Inspire TV Show

American television producer Steven Bochco recently revealed how his latest brainchild, "Blind Justice," was inspired by a performance by The Blind Boys Of Alabama.

"He was moved by the trust and vulnerability he witnessed as each member of the group came out on stage in single file, each one with a hand on the shoulder of the guy in front of him. There they were blind and they came out and embraced the world completely and gave an outstanding performance."

After that experience, he began thinking about the concept of a NYPD detective returning to work after being blinded. The series finale airs 21st June in America on ABC.

Published 6th Jun 2005, 11:07am »

Forum services resume

After an extended intermission the Forums on this site are now back in service.

Published 25th May 2005, 3:01pm »

Charlie Wins Three Handy Awards!

Charlie Musslewhite underlines his lengendary status and his continuted innovation as a blues instrumentalist by winning three W C Handy Awards!
Charlie won Best Instrumentalist, Best Contemporary Blues Album and Best Artist in Contemporary Blues.

Published 6th May 2005, 5:15pm »

Martyn Bennett Tribute Concert

Although it was an evening of great sadness the Tribute to Martyn on Friday 15 April at Queens Hall in Edinburgh was an extraordinary, moving and celebratory event. Opening with the Edinburgh Music School's performance of MacKay's Memoirs which Martyn wrote for pipes, clarsach and orchestra the evening unfolded with an array of very different musical moments.The packed venue was delighted with performances from traditional singers Sheila Stewart and Flora MacNeil and firey piper Fred Morrison, an emotional song from Martyn's mother, the revered Margaret Bennett and an unsheduled solo of Here Comes The Flood From Peter Gabriel. The evening ended with Martyn's widow Kirsten joining Mouth Music on keyboards and a rousing Scottish rave set from Croft No 5 of whom Martyn was a great supporter.
Thousands of pounds were raised for the Marie Curie Hospice where Martyn has been treated at the end of his life. The evening was also the launch of the Martyn Bennett Trust which will provide money to fund innovative young music makers.

Published 21st Apr 2005, 6:19pm »

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