Latest news »Musician Guo Yue tells the story of his childhood during the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Guo Yue's 2006 release on Real World Records 'Music, Food and Love' paints a vivid picture of a remarkable life in China during the Cultural Revolution. The hauntingly aching music on this CD charts an evocative journey through the life of the musician, composer and cook. Yue wrote an accompanying memoir of the same name including nostalgic photographs and mouth-watering recipe's from his childhood.

His personal story is extraordinary. 'On The Rubble of My Home, I Played My Flute: A Memoir in Music and Sound by Guo Yue' will be broadcast as part of BBC Radio 3's Between The Ears series on 11 June at 21.15.

Published 9th Jun 2011, 2:26pm »

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