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Lucky Charlie Winston fans in France and Canada can now be the first to hear his second album 'Running Still'.
Journalist Steve Hochman recently spoke to Charlie about the album:

".. there's a sense of joy and discovery throughout the album, self-discovery in particular. Following up the breakthrough of his 2009 album, Hobo, a No. 1 smash in France and a huge hit throughout Europe and Canada, Running Still finds Winston and his richly talented band, the Oxymorons, in collaboration with producer Tony Berg (Michael Penn, Aimee Mann, Bruce Hornsby, Ozomatli) to reach new emotional and sonic colors. This is the first album featuring the band -- drummer Medi, bassist Daniel Marsala and harmonica ace Benjamin "Ben Henry" Edwards along with Winston's piano and guitar -- which came together organically after the making of Hobo as Winston shaped new visions both as a songwriter and performer. Other than a little keyboard additions from Patrick Warren and a touch of guitar from Tiny B (Berg, under a Winston-bestowed alias), the whole colorfully diverse ball of wax comes from the skilled hands of the empathic ensemble.

"It's near impossible for me to write in one style only," says Charlie. "And today in my generation of songwriting, there's a bit of a lack for me. People have forgotten the power of song, since the technology swept through, and how it carries. Coming from parents who are songwriters, that's my No. 1 thing, really."

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