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Close to the end of their successful UK tour Spiro played a sold out show at London's Old Queen's Head. A beautiful venue and an outstanding performance are captured here with a performance of 'Shaft' from their album 'Lightbox'.

The Evening Standard were there to review the show: "It's English folk meets Philip Glass, or in this tune Arvo Pärt, as the music builds up to warm violin lines, descending over and over. The music is intricately worked out, without the improvisations or solos of a regular folk band, as if they are in an inextricable machine...Jane Harbour on fiddle has most of the melodies - she's coiled like a cobra ready to strike, shifting from side to side and fixing you with her eyes. And then the music stops. It's sudden and surprising but the response is a whoop of joy and cries for more." (5 stars)

Published 10th Apr 2012, 12:20pm »

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