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The opening night of the 2015 Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow - tomorrow, Thursday 15 - features a full orchestration of Martyn Bennett's last album, GRIT, by cross-genre classical violinist Greg Lawson.

The performance entitled 'Nae Regrets' has taken Greg Lawson, a notable musician in his own right and also a friend of Martyn Bennett's, over a year to arrange for a live orchestral performance, but the idea of doing something of this nature had been brewing since before Bennett's untimely death. In a recent interview with The Scotsman newspaper he explained more about his motivation for being involved in the project:

"What happens with albums and iconic people is that you don't interact with them any more. Martyn is like a beautiful mountain that people drive to the foot of and admire, but we don't go up it. The result is that people don't play his music. That was my overwhelming desire: I want to play this piece, I want people to hear this piece and I want it to be a live experience… I talked briefly with him about the idea of my writing his music for orchestra, and he intimated that he was pleased about that, but that I probably wouldn't do as good a job as he would - to which I completely agreed!"

Read the full interview with Greg Lawson in The Scotsman

In addition to the article above you can watch an interview with Greg Lawson, where he talks about the process of orchestrating this new version of GRIT and his memories of Martyn Bennett.

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