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Joi sounded like the future, back in the day. Right here, right now, they still do. The original Asian fusionists were always one step ahead of the game, what with their DJ-led mix of breakbeats and Eastern grooves, their electronic roots and real playing values, the way they would gig as both a sound system and as a fully-fledged band with vocals, keyboards and guitar as well as tabla, flute and sitar.

Then there was their message. One love. One vibe. Victory in unity. Liberty through music.

The enduring influence of the music that Joi made is celebrated on a new compilation album, released by Real World Records on 22 June, entitled Joi Soundsystem.

The new double album contains 22 tracks culled from the band's three gloriously inventive albums for Real World: 1999's One and One is One, 2000's We Are Three and 2007's Without Zero, plus three bonus tracks.

"It was as if the tracks chose themselves," says Farook of the album that opens with bonus track and former NME Single of the Week, 'A Desert Storm'. "When I looked back at the way the titles fell, right from 'Desert Storm' to 'We Need Your Vote', from 'Show Me Love' to 'Asian Vibes', from 'World of Colours' to 'Flying With You', I saw they were telling the story of Joi in words and in music."

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Published 18th May 2015, 2:14pm »

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