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Available this week on Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound is the new album from John Metcalfe.

The release via Bowers & Wilkins is a chance for Society of Sound members to get an exclusive preview of the album before its full commercial release on Real World Records next month.

John Metcalfe is a composer, producer, classical violist, guitarist, pioneering A&R man and arranger to a host of A-list pop stars. As well as working with Peter Gabriel, Morrissey, Coldplay, Blur, Bat for Lashes and The Pretenders, John has had a varied musical career including setting up the Factory Classical label, stints in the band Durutti Column, his own string quartet The Duke Quartet and much more. His ear for timbre and his instinct for musical drama make him a good collaborator - empathetic but never unassuming.

The album that John Metcalfe has made for Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound unites the disparate strands of his musical life to date and demonstrates his confidence on a bigger stage, both literally and metaphorically. "This is me on my own, and there's nothing between the audience and me. It's my efforts, it's my emotions, it's my sensibilities on display".

There are repeated string motifs that evoke the work of Steve Reich. His clean, single-note guitar lines, which he says are directly influenced by Durutti Column's Vini Reilly, are a prominent feature of the album. There are moments of affecting solo piano. There are elements of drum and bass, and of chamber music. Metcalfe's tunes mutate effortlessly: from introspective fragmentation to a calm landscape of sonorous noises; from rhythmic strings to expansive anthems.

Via Bowers & Wilkins the album is available in two versions; the full album at 24 bit/44.1 kHz and also a special exclusive edition called The Vinyl Experience. This provides listeners with a high-resolution 96kHz recording of the actual vinyl LP.

'Kites and Echoes' the album now available on Bowers & Wilkins will also be available as a full commercial release on 8 June, via Real World Records, under a different title - 'Kites and Echoes'

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