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Following the success of last year's live outing for B&W Society of Sound, this summer we upgraded to a bigger tent this year as part of WOMAD Charlton Park.

- Hannah Peel live on the B&W Sound System stage, 25 July 2015. Photography: York Tillyer.

B&W Sound System brought an unparalleled festival sound experience. Each day the space celebrated the art of listening with talks, acoustic sessions, experiments in electronica; late into the night the tent throbbed with DJ sets.

The B&W stage line up, tailor-made for its 135,000 Watt speaker stack, brought absolute clarity to an audience that is passionate about sound.

It was a joy to the ears of everyone who took part: "I would describe the Bowers & Wilkins sound as a happy face, a funking bass with a loving race" (Jazzie B)

See more photos and read the story of the weekend in this Adobe Slate story by York Tillyer.

- John Metcalfe live on the B&W Sound System stage, 24 July 2015. Photography: York Tillyer.

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