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It was such a difficult decision to choose the winner of the Totó La Momposina Remix Competition with so very many notable mixes being delivered and so many different styles and approaches being utilised by the mixes.

But decide we must and as such we're delighted to announce the winner of the Remix Competition is…. DJ Nirso. Your prize will be on the way to you very soon.

We'd really like to thank everyone who took the time to enter and to share their brilliant mixes with us. It was tough to choose the winner but great fun to listen to all the entries and argue about who should win! Many thanks again!

And as Totó herself says: "The roots of ancestral music are profound. It's great when they reach the young in such new ways! Thanks to all who participated."

You can listen the winning mix below:

Published 14th Sep 2015, 3:59pm »

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