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The brand new album from the pioneering Sidestepper, entitled Supernatural Love is released today.

The group have long been musical pioneers, taking new directions with each of their albums - and that sense of innovation and evolution continues with this new twelve track album, Supernatural Love, featuring the singles Come See Us Play and Supernatural Soul.

01. Fuego Que Te Llama 4:42
02. On The Line 6:29
03. Supernatural Love 3:38
04. Come See Us Play 5:38
05. Magangué 5:11
06. Song For The Sinner 5:16
07. Lover 5:37
08. La Flor Y La Voz (pt 1) 2:58
09. La Flor Y La Voz (pt 2) 3:33
10. Hear The Rain Come 4:15
11. Celestial 2:34
12: Supernatural Soul 3:41

The album is garnering a host of four and five star reviews with Mojo magazine calling Supernatural Love "the first best album of summer 2016", whist The Observer said "it's a joyous affair... [the] arch modernist goes organic."

Supernatural Love is available on CD, LP & Download.

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Published 5th Feb 2016, 10:29am »

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