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The new album from The Gloaming is released today!

Recorded at Real World Studios in December 2015 the new album was produced by Thomas Bartlett from the group and engineered and mixed by Patrick Dillett.

"The music has its arms wide open, willing to give something beautiful, something fundamentally powerful and true. It's not afraid and it's not smug and knowing. We're on an adventure. We don't know where we're going, and beautiful things are born of that." Caoimhín Ó Roghallaigh.

The album's 12 tracks are a mixture of original compositions by the group and new arrangements of traditional material. The track listing is:

01. The Pilgrim's Song
02. Fáinleog (Wanderer)
03. The Hare
04. Oisín's Song
05. The Booley House
06. Repeal the Union
07. Casadh an tSúgáin
08. The Rolling Wave
09. Cucanandy
10. Mrs Dwyer
11. Slán le Máighe
12. The Old Favourite

"We play with no mission other than to experience the music with as much feeling as possible… the meaning, feeling and content of the melody take preference over note-perfect playing." Martin Hayes

The new album is available to buy now on CD and download.
The 2LP vinyl edition is available to pre-order and will be released in May. If you order from the Real World Shop you will receive a download on the audio in advance of the vinyl release.

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