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The Campaign Song sees Joseph Arthur give voice to his frustration with the current state of affairs around this year's Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. A frustration expressed in the best way he can: a protest song.

"Woody Guthrie wrote a protest song about Donald Trump's grandfather. So this is like carrying the torch for Woody," says Joseph. "I used the lingo of a by gone era to accentuate that aspect, like 'America really should boot bums like this out' and 'Old scratch'. I wanted to use the lingo of Trump's elders as a subtle form of linguistic manipulation designed to send him under his bed shivering like the whimpering maggot that he is."

The video, created by Ehud Lazin, features footage from artist Spencer Tunick's large-scale anti-Trump installation Everything She Says Means Everything.

Published 17th Oct 2016, 12:43pm »

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