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Darandi is a collection of Aurelio's favourite songs from his career recorded to capture the sound of his incendiary live performances.

The album will be released on 20 January 2017 (North America release is 17 February 2017).

Accompanied by some of the Garifuna world's brightest musical talents, pairing upbeat, dynamic rhythms with melancholy, heartfelt melodies, this music is both deep and danceable.

The album was recorded while Aurelio was visiting the UK for a performance at the WOMAD Charlton Park. After the festival, Aurelio and his band visited Real World Studios, and laid down the record, completely live.

As Aurelio sees it, this is an album that closes a cycle in his career, representing the culmination of 30 years of composing and performing paranda music. The album consists of the songs from his extensive catalog that have proven to be his biggest hits, the songs he plays most frequently while touring throughout the world.

"I feel like the main cultural representative now of the Garifuna community of Central America" says Aurelio "and I think I can do more with my music that I ever could as a lawmaker."

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