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February 3 sees the release of ADF’s new album ‘Enemy of the Enemy’

Asian Dub Foundation are 21st century MIDI warriors. Their distinctive sound is a combination of hard ragga-jungle rhythms, indo-dub basslines, searing sitar- inspired guitars and 'traditional' sounds gleaned from their parents' record collections, shot through with fast-chat conscious lyrics.

The beginning of 2002 saw long-time inspiration Adrian Sherwood come on board as executive producer of the new album, restoring focus to a project slightly derailed by the swapping of labels. Sherwood, amongst other things, brought in new producers/programmers such as Jaswad to contemporise some of the beats and sounds.

In the band’s own words. Sonic: “Adrian Sherwood is a hero for this band.” Dr Das: “Adrian was the first one to put the noise in dub. It seemed appropriate that he should come aboard. I really believe that ADF write good songs, and play great gigs, but even after seven years, we still had something to learn about controlling the mix. We’re much more disciplined in the studio these days.” Sonic: Making this record was a real pleasure. It’s not always been that way.... Adrian took the tracks a long way, a lot further than we had initially imagined. And that’s great. For example: “1000 Mirrors” started off sounding more some kind of Hollywood cocktail music (laughs); Adrian took it into some heavy dub territory.”

“...the addition of Adrian Sherwood as a sort of sonic overseer is a master stroke; he does for ADF what the Bomb Squad did for Public Enemy”
(The Independent, London 31.01.2003)

Check out the website :

Sherwood will be supporting ADF at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London on February 21. Other support dates will follow in Germany and Japan.

Sherwood’s first solo album ‘Never Trust A Hippy’ will be released on Real World on February14 (Japan), 24 (Europe) and 25 (USA). Watch out for the launch of his website

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