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Sevara Nazarkhan has been in London recently causing an excitable storm amongst press and radio stations. Her extraordinary live performances on air have intrigued and delighted all who hear them. Charlie Gillet, who has one of the most popular world music radio shows on BBC London, was overwhelmed by the positive response following Sevara’s appearance on his show:

““At exactly 9.20 pm on Saturday evening, all across London conversations paused, plates ceased rattling in kitchen sinks and small children mysteriously stopped crying. Sevara Nazarkhan told us her song 'Gazli' was about big love in the city, which gave us a clue, but who explain the extraordinary impact of this woman singing words we don't understand?

Accompanying herself on her doutar (a long, thin-necked, two-stringed instrument unique to Uzbekistan), Sevara gave us acoustic versions of two songs which have much fuller production (from Hector Zazou) on her new Real World album, Yol Bolsin. With a beguiling and mischievous presence to enhance her touching voice, Sevara will be back later this year for concert dates in London and at WOMAD, Reading. It feels safe to predict that she might be among the nominations at next year's Awards for World Music.”

For listeners who missed this performance Sevara will be playing live
on Late Junction (BBC Radio 3) on Tuesday 11 March. The programme starts at

Published 10th Mar 2003 »

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