Latest news »“AFRO CELTS CHANGE FOR BETTER” - LA Times, July 12, 2003

Real World Records flagship artists the Afro Celts will play NYC's Central
Park SummerStage on Saturday, July 26, capping a US tour that’s drawing rave

The headline of Don Heckman’s July 12 live review in the LA Times proclaimed
“Renamed Afro Celts change for the better.”

Heckman’s review continued: “Afro Celt Sound System has established such a
solid artistic identity over the last decade that it was surprising when
the group announced recently that it would change both it’s name and it’s
style ... With the release of ‘Seed,’ the band presented itself as the Afro
Celts, reflecting a desire to maintain its core musical elements while
loosening the connection with technology ... The most notable distinctions
from past efforts seemed to be a reduction of DJ-like samples and
programming with an increased emphasis on interactive ensemble work ... by
the time the set fully unwound, guitarist and co-leader Simon Emmerson’s
assertion that the Afro Celts have “finally become a band” had been fully

Published 21st Jul 2003 »

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