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Iarla O'Lionaird takes the beauty of traditional sean-nos (old style) singing into a whole new area of experimentation and innovation with his breath-takingly beautiful new solo album 'Invisible Fields'.

At times closer to Iceland's Sigur Ros than an Irish pub session, the album works on many levels - from pure, emotionally highly-charged, unaccompanied performances to blissed-out ambient electronica and swirling guitar loops.

The album is due for release on Real World in June but in advance of this you can hear Iarla interviewed by Fiona Talkington for BBC Radio's Late Junction and in performance from the University of Limmerick's World Music Centre.

Late Junction - BBC Radio 3 (90-93FM)- Thursday 17 March- 22.15 to midnight.

Published 9th Mar 2005, 12:34pm »

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