Bab L’ Bluz feature on new Synapson album

Bab L' Bluz have teamed up with the multi-platinum selling electronic music producers Synapson, for a track on their new album Global Musique Vol. 2, which is out now.

Global Musique Vol. 2, the follow up to 2020’s Vol. 1, has been a 2-year adventure for the French production duo made of meetings, discoveries and music.

One such meeting was with our own Bab L’ Bluz, who were initially approached about a collaboration in early 2021. The resulting track, Waylalah, comes with a distinct Berber influence, featuring the Peul flute, the Qraqeb and the electronic Awisha – typical instruments of the Maghreb regions – all given the full Synapson treatment.

Waylalah is sung in Darija by Yousra Mansour and the lyric is a reflection on society’s self-inflicted wounds, providing a timely reminder that it is only by getting together that we will save ourselves.


we can imagine a poor child who is very surprised by the individualistic society in which he lives, and the bitter reality of people who pass by the misery of others without lifting a finger to help them. Bab L' Bluz

Across the album there are a number of collaborations that sees Global Musique Vol. 2 journey through Angola, Portugal, Brazil, the Caribbean, Burkina Faso, Canada, Hawaii, Argentina, India and, of course, Morocco.

Waylalah a central track of the album was released as a single in late 2021, and also came with remixes by Folamour, Chambourd and UN*DEUX, which you can hear on all digital platforms.

The album opens with the sunny, electronic-sounding track Beleza, featuring the LatinX UK artist Desta French and the danceable chorus of Trio Mocoto. In addition to Waylalah it also featuress Mohan, infused with Indian influence, An Rev with its Afro-Caribbean vibe in collaboration with David Walters and Stand Tall featuring Dominique Fils-Aimé, a break-out success in Canada.

Synapson. Photo by Alexandre Criquioche aka CRK.

Global Musique Vol. 2 by Synapson, and featuring Bab L’ Bluz, released on Friday 18 November on LP and digital, via Unity Records.

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Published on Mon, 21 November 22

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