Society of Sound: The Lake Poets

The story of The Lake Poets is of a global experience, but one that’s rooted in a sense of belongi...

Society of Sound: Hannah Peel

Society of Sound: The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Will Gregory is a composer, producer, keyboardist and woodwind player. He studied music at York Univ...

Society of Sound: Universal Togetherness Band

Between 1979 and 1982, Universal Togetherness Band tracked unearthly portions of their sprawling songbook for bewildered students in Columbia College’s audio engineering program. Storming the gates of Chicago’s premier recording studios, the erudite party band explored permutations of soul, ja...

Society of Sound: Ethan Johns

British producer Ethan Johns began his career under the tutelage of his father, producer Glyn Johns....

Society of Sound: Radiophonic Workshop

Whether it was bespoke alien soundscapes or delicate electronic choral work, the BBC Radiophonic Wor...

Society of Sound 78: Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon possesses a rare talent, her voice is the purest you're likely to hear almost anywhere.

Great Musical Pioneer ‘Mandolin’ U Srinivas Dies

Society of Sound: Edwyn Collins

The tracks performed at Little Big Beat studio on 12th November 2013 reflect what Edwyn Collins does at all his live shows these days. He covers the waterfront, reaching back to his very first ever recording with Orange Juice, 'Falling and Laughing'. Society of Sound release 73, from May 2014.

A Guy Called Gerald ‘Silent Sound Spread Spectrum’

An iconic name in dance music, A Guy Called Gerald stands out for consistent innovation, excellence...

Society of Sound – Cara Dillon live in Belfast

A live concert recording by Irish folk singer Cara Dillon is this month's Society of Sound release.