Latest news » CBC online celebrates Real World Gold with a new six-part series

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, have been looking into the stories behind Real World Gold. Interviewing some of our artists has inspired them to put together this new series, which launches with an interview with Sheila Chandra.


“We’re proud to kick things off with this deeply personal interview with Sheila Chandra, one of Real World’s biggest stars, thanks to her phenomenal voice. The reissuing of Chandra’s two albums, Moonsung: A Real World Retrospective and Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices, is the closest you’ll come to hearing anything “new” from the 47-year-old London-based artist for the foreseeable future. That’s because a rare neurological condition rendered her mute years ago. In a candid email interview, Chandra wrote about being a singer without a voice, her experiences with Peter Gabriel and Real World, and the role music plays in her life now.”

Read the entire interview on the CBS website

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Published 16th Nov 2012, 11:11am »
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