Latest news » Portico album makes Crack Magazine's number 3 of 2012


Influential taste-makers Crack Magazine rate Portico Quartet’s album at number 3 in their top 100 of the year.

“Jazz-techno anyone? If there was a glorious success in changing direction this year, the stars of Crack’s third birthday bash were your men. Self-titled, self-assured and layered with swathes of sonic experimentation it stood out a mile. Less focused on the hang-drum that defined previous releases, the minimal sparse approach and killer production quality left an indelible mark on our listening. The most contemporary record of the year if not the most intricate the electronic change of direction heralded infinite new possibilities for one of the UK’s most distinctive acts”. (Thomas Frost in Crack Magazine)

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Published 14th Dec 2012, 11:41am »
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