Latest news » Real World Records label Spotlight on Google Play (US)


Check out the Real World Records label Spotlight over on Google Play (US).  Follow the link below to learn more about the rich history of our label and listen to a playlist of songs taken from selected titles in our catalogue.

“It’s almost impossible to imagine world music without Real World. The legendary record label didn’t invent the global music traditions it promotes, of course, or even the history of appreciating them from afar. But what Real World did do was create a cutting-edge studio and label, then invited musicians from around the world to record and share their cultural heritages with a larger audience. Over the years this has included greats like India’s Shiv kumar Sharma, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Papa Wemba and China’s Guo Brothers, among dozens of others.”

Real World Record’s Spotlight on Google Play

Published 16th Jan 2013, 11:27am »
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