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Samuel Yirga’s musical life has been full of obstacles: social restrictions, family regulations, and hurdles thrown up by the reality of live.  Yet in the face of this, the young and gifted pianist has at last had his time to shine.

Bringing contemporary and classical jazz, celebrated pop songs from the golden era of Ethiopian music, traditional Ethiopian rhythms and instruments and deeply-felt classical piano undertones, this young man from Addis has opened up a whole new door on a musical genre and region which has already grabbed the interest of many people around the world.

Now for the first time members of will have the opportunity to hear this debut album Guzo in outstanding 24 bit studio quality. Bowers and Wilkins music subscription community Society of Sound have supported Samuel through his early career and the creation of The Habasha Sessions created especially for the Society members.  From that early recording session Samuel went on to create his first album ‘Guzo’.

Find out more about Society of Sound releases which are curated by Peter Gabriel and Real World and the high quality version of 'Guzo’.

Download Guzo in 24-bit from the Society of Sound

Discover more about Guzo and Samuel Yirga

Published 1st Mar 2013, 4:37pm »
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