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Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara, known collectively as JuJu, together with their explosive rhythm section of Billy Fuller and Dave Smith have just returned from a tour of Singapore , Australia and New Zealand as part of Robert Plant’s new Sensational Space Shifters band. Wowing audiences of up to 20,000 with their futuristic take on Afro-Trance blues, the band are currently unveiling dates for a U.S. tour with Plant in June and July. Juldeh’s spotlight moments have become highlights of the show, and Robert Plant himself has been in unbelievable form, his voice steering the band to new psychedelic heights.  

The press reaction has been outstanding:

The New Zealand Herald on April 12th said: Plant and his guitar-powered band restructured Led Zep songs with unpredictable dynamics and arrangements, throwing in everything from swirling synthesizers to the traditional instruments played by Gambian musician Juldeh Camara, who helped drag many of those blues-derived riffs back to the sub-Sahara. ’

This was the response from Canberra Times on March 30th:  ‘What’s going on is further proof that Plant is far more imaginative, playful and adventurous than any cliche of a clumping old rocker, a man who’s absorbed all the music he’s loved and played and sought out the musicians to explore that. For a start he has a band capable of power when needed but the flexibility and talent to glide from African rhythms to Arabic shapes to Moog-enhanced electronica and down into the blues via American roots. Bassplayer Billy Fuller, drummer Dave Smith, keyboardist and sound manipulator John Baggott and lead guitarist Skin Tyson offer all that and more, superbly. Then there’s the extra colourings added by guitarist/producer Justin Adams, whose knowledge of African music is immeasurable, and Gambian Juldeh Camara, mostly on the bowed, two-stringed riti and occasionally on keening vocals.’

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