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Portico Quartet’s critically acclaimed self-titled third album saw the band branch out into new sonic territories.  Their new, richly layered sound brought elements of the recording studio into the live environment. 

Alongside this 2012 release came a selection of bonus studio tracks, some of which only just missed making the final album.  Four of these tracks saw a limited edition release in the form of a Rough Trade EP, however it is only that they are being made available to purchase via CD & Digital from the Real World Store

EP2 contains the brilliantly atmospheric Vtol, the band’s alternate take on Steepless Ft. Swedish songstress Cornelia’ and Coy Carp, Sock Puppets & Train to Mountauk - either of which could have arguably been a key track on the album had they have made the final track listing.  

Real World Store (CD / Digital)


Also available from today…

EP1 a classic early recording from May 2009 with the original line up including Nick Mulvey.  The lush delicate tone of opening of The Full Catastrophe underpinned by Milo’s beautiful string quartet arrangement; the ever brilliant meditation of Line; the driving, jumping Cap Gun and concluding with the winding journey through Su-Bo’s Mental Meltdown.

Real World Store (CD / Digital)

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