Latest news » Syriana's 'Al Samah' - combining the best of digital and analogue technology

A new digital EP featuring four tracks currently available only on the limited edition LP A Life In Film. To capture the spirit and atmosphere of the vinyl experience, we have created a special edition digital version: Al Samah

Inspired by the beautiful old gramophones and stacks of LPs they came across in the souks of Damascus when recording their 2010 album, The Road To DamascusSyriana were keen to explore the vinyl approach with their otherworldly mix of Arabic and Western music.

The transfer from vinyl to digital was made at Real World Studios by playing the LP on a high quality turntable, using the best analogue to digital converter available. Calibrated and tested, no edits or cleaning were applied; it’s the true vinyl experience – the odd pop and click included!

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Published 19th Aug 2013, 2:24pm »
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