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Joseph Arthur’s sheer poetic nature and endless creativity set him apart from his peers, and this new 24-song double album features some of the most interesting music of his career. The rich rock and roll melodies are driven by Arthur’s signature emotive storytelling, and he describes Boogie Christ as “a fictionalized character loosely based on my own journey.”

The album begins with the surprising orchestral pop of “Currency of Love”, which unveils a passionate croon unlike any vocal performance Arthur has ever given, whilst the gripping “Akron Skies” reminds that buried deep within every rock'n'roll star are formative childhood memories of pain and confusion. "Maybe Yes” and album closer “In the City There is Grace” are loose-limbed rockers that show off Arthur’s playful and spontaneous side. “I definitely wanted moments of relief within it, where you just get a good jam,“ explains Arthur.

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 Joseph will be touring France, Holland, England, Austria, Germany and Italy in October/November.  See a full list of tour dates across Europe.

It’s definitely a rock and roll album. There’s something unhinged about it, but there needs to be.“ Joseph Arthur

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