Latest news » Creole Choir's 'Santiman' picked by the critics


We’re delighted to see that The Creole Choir of Cuba’s Santiman has been picked by the critics for some of 2013’s Best Albums lists.

The album features in Uncut’s Top Ten Best World Music Albums, and is part of The Sunday Times’ Best 100 Records of the Year, described by Clive Davis as having “soaring spirituality and raw soul, with subtle shifts between the Caribbean and Africa.”

Santiman, the Choir’s second album, is well-deserving of this recognition. Freedom songs that have been passed down through generations of Haitian emigrants in Cuba are brought to life with vibrant harmonies, lilting melodies and rich, deep Caribbean rhythms. A hefty dose of Cuban flair creates a rich, soulful sound that evokes their proud history of resistance and resilience.

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Published 12th Dec 2013, 4:33pm »
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