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Bristol based multi-instrumentalist and Warp signee Gravenhurst has put his own twist in his remix of ‘Lliwiau’.

The collaboration sees old friends reunite, as 9Bach’s Martin Hoyland was one-time Gravenhurst tour manager circa 2007, as Talbot has told tQ: “…and a very fine tour manager he was. I saw his band a few years later in Bristol and was mightily impressed; the final song of their set ('Lliwiau’) went off in what I am reluctant to describe - due to the danger of sounding generic or tokenistic - as a Portishead-esque direction; featuring mainly Lisa’s reverbed vocals against a threateningly minimal tapestry of insistent dubby bass riff, Ennio Morricone guitar and a drum rhythm that sounded like it had already been remixed by Lee Perry anyway.”

Listen to the track via The Quietus

Published 11th May 2014, 1:18pm »
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