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Real World and Bowers & Wilkins are presenting the Society of Sound stage at WOMAD 2014. Over the weekend the stage will feature an eclectic array of sound pioneers and musical adventurers celebrating the art of listening through live performances, DJ sets and interactive events.

One such pioneer is world famous beatboxer/musician Beardyman; described by BBC1 as the ‘King of Sound and Ruler of Beats’, he has taken what’s possible with the human voice to unchartered territories. Pushing the boundaries of his art ever further, Beardyman has also developed the world’s most advanced live music production system, aptly named the BEARDYTRON_5000mkII - which debuted at the global TED conference last year - to allow him to improvise cutting edge, studio quality music in real-time. 

Beardyman will now be premiering the BEARDYTRON_5000mkIII - the full BEARDYTRON experience! - at the Society of Sound stage on Saturday 26 July and he needs your help!  For his main performance, Beardyman will be putting himself and the BEARDYTRON to the test by making a brand-new album live, based entirely on your song title suggestions. Very special WOMAD guests will help select and curate an album’s worth of song titles from audience suggestions that will be given to Beardyman at the start of his set. 

We’d love you to be part of it by suggesting song titles in advance - please make up your own and get creative!

Suggest your song titles for Beardyman

It promises to be incredible, interactive fun and you could be part of a little bit of sound history in the making… so get entering those song title suggestions!

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