Latest news » Aurelio's new album 'Lándini' out 15th September


The new album, Landini, from Honduran songwriter, singer, and guitarist Aurelio is set for release on the 15th September.

The songs on Lándini are about Aurelio, his feelings, his family, and Garifuna life in general. There’s a sadness, a melancholy throughout, but the rhythms remain really lively. It affects the body, the brain, and the soul in a way that is very unique to Garifuna music. It always has a purpose, whether it’s dancing or documenting a tragedy or just poking fun at someone; there is never a notion of “I’m going to make a song because I need to make a record” - such a concept does not even exist in Garifuna culture.

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Published 8th Aug 2014, 3:17pm »
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