Various Artists, 1998

'Bliss' is an introduction to a more atmospheric and spiritual side of the Real World label. If the tracks selected for 'Bliss' are linked, it is thematically, by the fact that whilst they have been recorded at different times, in different locations, using vastly different instrumentation and styles, they exude a similar atmospheric and peaceful quality. 'Bliss' is chill-out music minus dolphin-squeals and exploitative, bogus ethno-sampled chanting. 'Bliss' features some of the most beautiful sounds you'll hear in '98.

'Bliss' includes exclusive contributions from established and acclaimed Real World artists, including the late, legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sheila Chandra, The Grid, U Srinivas, and Grammy award-winning Michael Brook (who also produces several tracks ... as does Alex "Propellorhead" Gifford), the Afro Celt Sound System and label boss Peter Gabriel.

'Bliss' unites the most up-to-date recording technology with a myriad of global vocal and instrumental styles and techniques. 'Bliss' includes musical explorations of many diverse origins: Irish, Kenyan, Indian, Pakistani, English and Georgian, plus unique international fusions between Chinese/UK, Indian/Canadian, and multi-national collaborations (on 'Jam Nation' and Peter Gabriel's 'Zaar').


  • Pure bliss ... On ‘Bliss’ we have the cream of world music artists creating some of the lushest musical textures and soundscapes to be laid down in one recording for many a long time ... Congratulations to Russell Kearney for the delicious engineering of the track links and a big thanks to Peter Gabriel’s Real World label for re-affirming the intelligence of their vision. ‘Bliss’ is a reminder of the kind of class that Global music can achieve. All power to a stunning collection. Revolver (1998) (Australia)
  • ...some real balm for your soul...World Cd Of The Week ... a beautiful and harmonious expression of spirituality... This is a true rarity: a compilation constructed with love and imagination. It is greater than any single track. Smh The Guide (1998) (Australia)
  • The last three releases from Real World have been nothing short of stunning... sooner had this one fallen through the letter box then it was on the CD player ... the continuous listening works well if you're in a mellow mood; late night or Sunday morning stuff rather than Saturday night. Folk Roots (1998) (UK)