Voices of the Real World

Various Artists, 2000

"Of all the sounds that we hear, human beings have the broadest range of responses to the voice. From the first sounds we hear from our mothers to our final breath, we know that the sounds emanating from our mouths are critical to our existence and survival. Aside from communication and conversation, we use the voice to express much of who we are and what we feel.

Great instrumental players often refer to the voice and talk of 'singing' through their instruments. From the earliest recorded accounts of music in all cultures, the voice has always played a central role.

One of the big excitments from my involvement with Real World Records has been to work with some of the most extraordinary singers in the world. This has been humbling and inspiring.

This collection shows the enormous range of singing styles and remarkable artists that we have been lucky enough to work with in our first ten years.

I would like to dedicate it to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who we lost last year and whose voice has moved me like no other."

Peter Gabriel


  • An almost dizzying collection of modern/primitive traditional sounds... ...it's a chance to hear the world if you can't get out and see it. Philadelphia City Paper (USA)
  • This stunningly exotic compilation of the label's most outstanding vocalists... ...shows how wide and deep Real World has reached during the past decade. Vocal styles both sublime and arcane find a home here.' Request (USA)
  • '...there's a ton of wonderful stuff reminding us that great music comes from many corners of the globe.' Daily News Los Angeles (USA)
  • Quite simply, the most innovative and moving instrument may be the one that we're equipped with at birth. 'With so many sounds that at first seem so different, what becomes so obviously common is the impact of the human voice. The communication of ideas and emotions are transmitted despite language barriers and presentation...Quite simply, the most innovative and moving instrument may be the one that we're equipped with at birth.' New Age Voice (USA)