Gula Gula

Mari Boine, 1990

In the Arctic part of Europe, so far north that it is often missing from weather maps on television, lives a small minority people called the Sámi, more commonly known as the Lapps.

Divided by the borders of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the former USSR, the Sámi have struggled against the harsh assimilation policies imposed upon them. By keeping their mother tongue intact they have more than speech - they have storytelling, teaching, poetry and songs.

Mari Boine is an exciting new voice to emerge from this little-known culture. Her music is rooted in the Sámi heritage, but to this strong, almost primeval base, she has brought a fresh interpretation and new instrumentation. Mari's crystal voice cuts across the guitars, flute, charango and drum, its qualities both hauntingly spacious and painfully intimate.


  • Recommended as one of the five best world music releases of 1990 ...transcends the cultural gulf... A haunting introduction to the traditional melodies and political struggles of the Samiland people of Northern Scandinavia, filtered through the piercing voice and feminist perception of Boine Persen ... Q Magazine (1991) (UK)