Musicians of the National Dance Company of Cambodia, 1991

Music of a venerable and magnificent culture, plus modern Cambodian folk songs previously unrecorded.

The music on this album represents a range of styles, from the classical orchestra to wedding ensembles and folk groups. (It should be noted that the orchestra here is not the full ‘pinpeat’ orchestra, but a smaller version lacking an extra roneat and an extra ghong).

The singers accompanying the dance orchestra tell stories - episodes from Hindu epics and heroic legends - or poems expressing a great love of beauty and pleasure. Of the folk music, many of these pieces are new to western ears having never been recorded before.


  • ...recommended without reservation. Music in Cambodia, as with everything else, took a tremendous battering at the hands of the Khmer Rouge but the tradition is a hardy plant and this disc reveals a new flowering after the deluge...a heartening release. Folk Roots (1991) (UK)