Steepless ft. Cornelia

Portico Quartet, 2012

Taken from their recent album, Portico Quartet, Steepless is the band's first vocal collaboration and features the East London based Swedish singer, Cornelia. Features a new radio edit of Steepless done by the band themselves as well as a mix by London electronica artists Capac - the band's favourite from over 200 entries to their Soundcloud remix competition in February. Also featured are two new mixes of the darkly hypnotic Laker Boo, one from Hyper Dub signed Rinse FM DJ Scratcha DVA bringing his unique take on UK bass music to the party and one from noted Berlin house producer and Berghain DJ Luca Lozano who takes the track to the dance floor with a deep house mix.

Download the track 'Laker Boo (DVA's Hi:Emotions Remix)' taken from the new single.


  • ...journey into the evolution of their sound... Beneath a cavernous roof, filled with cold green laser beams that play out over a large and appreciative crowd, this journey into the evolution of their sound is a long road to have travelled from their days of busking on London's South Bank. They've succeeded in taking it while still preserving what made them great, a combination that works very well indeed. (Online review - Live at The Roundhouse, London)
  • ...eminently listenable while still being an accomplished feat of composition. More than a collection of songs this was a product of weeks locked away together, learning their equipment and effects as well as the instruments themselves, channeling their creative urges into a direction which simply couldn't be reached within the confines of their previous, traditional instrumentation. More to the point, this new output is eminently listenable while still being an accomplished feat of composition. Put simply, you don't notice all the weird s*** going on because it just sounds so f****** GOOD (Online review - Live at The Brighton Concorde)
  • One was hoisted out of a hypnotic, jazz-inflected groove... minute, only to be thrust headlong into a bone-rattling dubstep beat worthy of any of London's most notorious club nights. These fantastic and oddly seamless transitions were for me the most impressive and absorbing aspects of the performance. 8/10 (Online - Live at The Roundhouse, London)
  • These songs are rich, curious and very experimental. Swedish singer Cornelia Dahlgren charms with her fresh, dreamy and colourful voice and shows great spontaneity. AAA Music (UK online)
  • A recurrent beat, that echoes the rhythmical... ...shuffling of an insect's pincers, sets off into an atmospheric pool of minimal electronica. Swedish born Cornelia, who tops off this lo-fi record with a subtle beauty that compliments its ominous surroundings. Artrocker (UK Online)
  • ...magnificent First time that Mercury nominated London electronica artists Portico Quartet have used vocals and the result is magnificent. Rhythm Circus (UK Online)