Indian Classical

Various Artists, 2013

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Immerse yourself in the rich ambience of the classical music of India. From Amjad Ali Khan - the undisputed master of the sarod, recording at the height of his powers of innovation, to the great Pandit Shiv Kuma Sharma, the virtuoso of the santoor, with an exquisite evening raga of serene and delicate beauty, and following in his footsteps, the next generation, his brilliant son Rahul Sharma. Child prodigy of Karnatak music
U Srinivas has achieved the extraordinary feat of bringing the mandolin, little known in India, into the classical tradition with his fiery energetic finger-picking style. The late Gopal Shankar Misra showcases the vichitra veena with lyrical seductive genius.

Five great masters transport us to the ancient culture of India, with seven carefully chosen pieces recorded in outstanding quality.

"Indian classical music is a timeless art. It knows no age, it has no yesterdays or tomorrows, just as there are no old rivers, no old seas, nor an old wind." Raghava R Menon