Come See Us Play

Sidestepper, 2015

Come See Us Play is the first single to be taken from the Sidestepper album 'Supernatural Love'.

'Come See Us Play' is a prime slice of good-time summer vibes and will be available digitally on 14 August.

"This feels like we're starting afresh, and what you're hearing this time has come from here, from Colombia, from a small community in the Candelaria. We've tried to put a sound and a voice to how we live here but most of all we've tried to put a call out to love in all its forms, and I guess we started with our love of music is itself." - Richard Blair.

Sidestepper have long been pioneers of electronic dance music but the inspiration for the sound of 'Come See Us Play' (and the new album) comes from a desire to create an organic sound that goes back to the traditions of the incredible dance bands - the great 'orquestas' from Colombia, Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba and Africa - that existed before the electronic revolution in the '80s and '90s.

Strong and groovy, timeless and fluid: welcome to the next chapter of Sidestepper.